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Disappointing but far from disheartening.

Forget the bizarre UEFA Cup  final ever in 2001, where Liverpool won 5-4 against Alaves.

Forget the best European comeback ever in Istanbul in 2005, where Liverpool clawed back from the death against AC Milan.

Forget the greatest FA Cup final ever in 2006, where West Ham was hammered by Liverpool in the final moments.

Its not easy to forget them indeed, but only because these are the kind of games that define the culture that is Liverpool FC. We do not lie down and just die. We die trying, and you never forget these games.

Last night, Chelsea handed us the plane ticket home from the UEFA Champions League, and although any exit from a cup competition is never remembered, one simply neither can etch out the manner in which Chelsea was made to earn the spot on the next berth nor the manner in the determination of the Liverpool lads, whom were devoid of their captain.

Once more, with Steven Gerrard on the bench, Liverpool scores 4 and any team that scores 4 goals deserves a victory at the very least, but not when you’re playing in an European tie and certainly not against Chelsea.

At 2 goals up, you’d wish Steven Gerrard was around to dictate the pace of the game, but alas and for once, Benitez opts to save him for the league instead — and it tells you a lot that the emphasize have been shifted from an European front towards a Domestic one.

 Overall aggregate score, Liverpool 5 – Chelsea 7. 

It’s always disappointing when Liverpool fail to get to the semi-finals, but I’m proud to say that I was heartened by their forceful and fighting display right till the final whistle was blown. 

I’m pretty sure, if the referee had allowed an extension for 10mins of injury time, a different team would’ve made it to the next round.

Liverpool 4 – Chelsea 4. Such a beautiful game it is.

The Effing Cheque Clearance

I deposited the cheque on Wednesday night. It only got cleared this afternoon, 5 effing days later, on a Monday. 

And isn’t the cheque deposit box supposed to make things faster and smoother? Ahh, guess not. 

DBS/POSB, something isn’t right eh? Bah.


Dotapod, the new revolutionary way to Dota!

From the makers of Zion, Dotapod aims to simplify the way you connect and game with your buddies, all via the web!

Okay, so my take now: I still think nothing beats’s simple approach to gaming, but you’d have to own a cd-key to game via battle-net and that means, ahem, getting an ORIGINAL copy of the game itself — but it onloy costs SG $69-$79 for a Warcraft III battle chest pack! A worthy investment if you’re truly a fan of the game.

Anyway, I’ve tried lots of FREE’s alternative which includes Zion, Lancraft,  Hamachi and some others but nothing in that FREE List beats GARENA. 

Actually DOTAPOD aims to rival GARENA but I think GARENA wins hands down, at the moment, in terms of feature, ease of use, competition and much more.  GARENA rules.

Still if you’re on the prowl for alternatives, do give DOTAPOD a try now!

Liverpool (4) – Blackburn (0)

Why does Man Yoo has to spoil the night eh? But I’m sort of quietly glad that it was the boots of a 17yr old Italian, a lad by the name of Macheda, that have been glossing the pages of the newspapers — and I hope Ferguson or the Glazers reqard that chap with a handsome 4yr contract. 

Anyway, Liverpool took over the lead for a few hours after a 4-0 demilition of Blackburn Rovers who really looked to wish for the referee to end the game by halftime. There simply just wasn’t any determination, fightback nor belief in the ranks of the Blackburn lads. So sad of them to unjustify their fans’ devotion.

Liverpool was solid, swift, swashbuckling and sweeping. A right mentality after having hammered by Chelsea in mid-week, this was the right kind of anecdote that was needed to remove the poison, that is the effects of the prior loss.

3 more days, and Chelsea welcomes us. What an entertaining tie it is going to be. Can’t wait!


Now I’m compelled to add this link because:

1) I think Adam Lambert is a very talented artist.
2) I think Adam Lambert will make a very good album.
3) Because the webmaster followed me on twitter (maybe its those random followings, but here’s my reciprocation.)
4) Backlinking Adam Lambert’s official website (yeah, I think its official….. ) will probably give it a high Google ranking.
5) I think Adam Lambert is a very talented artist. 

PS: I heard he’s openly gay? Good. At least he’s not hiding and pretending. He is himself and it sure takes a lot to be one own’s self. Anyway, apart from Adam, I think only Anoop and Danny Goker has got what it takes to reach the top 2 of this season’s American Idol. And then, Adam’s gonna wing it his way. ; )

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect


The state of it all.

The state of it all.

Look at the table. So close eh?

If my beloved Liverpool don’t win the league in May, would I call it a disaster?

This is the closest that we have ever been to winning the league, and over the past 10 seasons, I don’t recall of  ever being this tight to any of the league leaders in the respective season.

Even when we finished 2nd in the 01/02 season, it wasn’t as close as it were this season, and back then even the players did not play with the belief and panache that the current crop has — and most important of all, back then, IMHO, we did not possess one of the world’s best Keeper, Defender, Midfielder and Striker.

So why wouldn’t it be a disaster if we fail to win it this year, but the real question  is, why would it?

Ever since Benitez took over from Houllier, slowly but surely and steadily he has guided Liverpool closer and tighter towards the coveted title. Its like perfecting a formula time and time and time again, and each season sees him bringing in a function or an algorithm which inches closer towards achieving it.

Each season has seen his team garner more points than ever and  mature tighter as a footballing unit and every season we find 1 or 2 gems from the squad.

We have seen Luis Garcia and his magic in 04/05 and we witnessed Gerrard’s coming of age in 05/06.

We uncovered the polished gloves of custodian Reina in 06/07, while  the 07/08 season signalled the arrival of Fernando Torres, whom instantly cemented his claim as a cultured and dependable finisher.

Then in this 08/09 season, we realise the pivotal role that Alonso has fulfilled, and how thankful we have been for his contributions, as well as the arrival of hungry, determined youngsters such as Insua, Agger and Darby. 

It should be known that not since the era of Ian Rush have I seen my Liverpool perform with finese, confidence and conviction. Maybe not yet comparable to the footballing tome found in the Barcelonas, Man Utds and Arsenals but we’re definitely closing in on them. 

This current crop of players can be said to be the most exciting bunch that I have known in my entire 27 years of Liverpudlianliness, and I cannot deny that I am now expecting them to win every single game they play, just because I know that they can.

But you can’t deny reality and it sometimes sinks in, in the form of a 3-1 home loss to a certain Club from London and that is football, where it is a game of 11men against 11men, with the outcome usually swaying towards the direction of the hungrier team, with a little bit of luck.

Oh well, nothing is perfect eh?

A Quick Reply

@ Dils — Yer back girl! And even the bloggies are back too! You could use a vacation too right? Or perhaps, another movie marathon? Fast and Furious just opened, and I heard its goooooood. ; )

@ Klayhead — Yeah! Zombie deck rulez! Motto of the day: I die, you die! But you die first! Those were the days when Magic was a staple of our bunk’s entertainment eh? Do ya recall Joel having an affinity for my Dragon deck? Haha, that fellow likes Dragons I tell ya!

@ Stranger — Wazzzzapppppp~ Of the 2, I’d say Fad controls the play and has a better awareness of the movements around him, but both players could add a little flair to Skopets indeed. With Fad, I know we can play that quick 1-2 passes and play the ball out of defence. With Rash, I know that we can depend on him to create the space upfront. Too bad they’re our opponents for this season now.

@ Juff — There’s no tryouts bro. You’re in the team already. You might want to put aside $18 for our new White/Green Jersey. The next game is this Saturday, 3pm, to be played either at Broadrick Sec or Si Ling Sec, I think. Let me know if you’ll be coming down so I can prep the Kapitan on that day to let you play 90 mins.  

@ Everyone else — Learn to love to live to die. Its beautiful isn’t it?


Interesting links:- — Logo rebrandings that you’d probably never realised. Hah! — Love designs? How about entering some of the tee competition available here! — My Terengganu trip photos! Take a look! Come come! — The adult treehouse?

Take a look at those Terengganu pics yo! : )

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Who’d knew that the Tampines Mall installation, our (Jacky Printing) first ever escalator installation would stretch from 10pm till 7am and leave me with just barely an hour of sleep, which can be likened to having a hangover — if I’ve ever had a hangover (I don’t drink, btw! Really!!) –by the next the morning I woke.

Anyway, during the installation and during the wee hours (about 3am-4am) as I walked around the area, it certainly felt like I was the only movable object, the only homo sapien with any ounce of life left within. The still air and silent morning was dreadful yet calming. It felt as if the earth stood still just for me at that point of time, at that place and moment.

For once, life felt peaceful and I guiltily imagined the moment accompanying me daily. Though the body was begging for the mattress, the heart longed for the stillness to not cease. 

My first ever escalator installation, though not entirely a resounding success, it did had me wishing the stillness would prolong. It was calm, peaceful and serene. Stuffs that I so badly crave for, and it certainly made me long to visit Tioman island once more.

April already came too quickly and there’s no guarantee that May or June won’t follow suit. Even my soccer league has ended, where we finished 3rd (with the 8-1 victory last weekend topping off the season), and the new season will begin soon — actually it began 2 weeks ago, and my team is lagging behind in the number of games already!

Wow. Just wow. I yearn for the sea breeze more than ever now.