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The Movie Urge

Suddenly I have this urge to go on a movie-thon, and not just any movie-thon but a 2 or 3 movies on the trot kind of thing.

I’d have to cross out visiting cinemas cos there aren’t that much good shows going around here, but perhaps i might take a dig at my dusty collection of dvds and vcds.  Plus cinemas are darn expensive these days!

So Titanic would be my first choice, greatly aided by an airplay of the popular soundtrack from Celine Dion which I heard at work this morning, and almost immediately I recalled of how I watched it lying down on the cinema floor at the front row seats. Back then I was with a group of friends from a leadership camp, and we were on an outing to regroup for a while when the camp ended.

Ahhh, those were the days when free time were aplenty.

Aaaaaaaaand if I decide to not get dewy eyed or feeling forlorn in love, then perhaps I might continue on my rampage of One Piece episodes. Oh yes, I’m a heeeeeeee-uge fan of One Piece, or come to think of it, I’m a BIG fan of anything that’s animation/cartoon!

Naruto, Inuyusha, Full Metal Alchemist, Samurai 7, Here n There Now n Then, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Nemo… and the list could go on but I’m too sleepy to think of anymore shows la!

AAAAAAAND though right now I feel like sharing the joy of watching Ice Age 3 with someone, or for that matter, anyone who’d enjoy a good laugh — cos it’s a hilarious animation indeed, and in fact I dare say that’s its the funniest installment of the franchise, thus far — I guess I gotta succumb to my exhausted body.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll dream of a movie?Then I hope that it better be a good movie. Bah~

Green Smoke!

Green Smoke!

Whahaha! Whatever they come up with next eh?

Browsing through my emails/spam/adverts I came across this intersting link about ‘green’ smoke!

Green Smoke - It's Electric!

This thingy is actually a ciggarette that’s healthier! Wait a minute, since when is smoking even healthy? I quote from their webby:

“Green Smoke is a revolutionary new nicotine delivery system that provides a healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.  With traditional cigarettes, the smoker is forced to inhale thousands of unwanted chemicals and carcinogens along with the nicotine.  With Green Smoke, this is a thing of the past!”

It’s supposed to not only save your lifespan by that much, but it saves your money too! Whahahaha — as if~ Think what? Electricity use freely arh?

Now I don’t know how it looks like during its application but I hope noone gets elecrocuted or anything like that while trying to smoke healthily.

Hmm, definitely felt a little weird in saying that previous statement, BUT if there’s any smokers who wants to, ahem, stay a little healthier then by all means please find out more about the green smoke!

(Pssst, that Green Smoke link is a referrel link so hope ya don’t mind ya! *winks*)

Give Thanks To Allah

I was almost certain that this song, Give Thanks To Allah, was sung by the late Michael Jackson, as rumoured by many, but that would only take away the proper credits from Zain Bhikha, although its extremely difficult to tell yourself that it wasn’t M upon your first hearing.

Anyway, Zain Bhikha has some really good tunes going on, thanks to my extensive foray in youtube’s ‘related links’, and since Hari Raya is inching nearer, finally some refreshing tunes to play on air when the relatives come visiting.

Give thanks to Allah, and may the peace be with you.

What’s My Age Again?

Do you check the mirror often?

My colleague, who sits in front of me, has a mini mirror sitting on her front desk, by the keyboards, and I can only guess how often she checks herself, but do you go to that extreme?

I mention extreme because the only time I’d give the mirror a proper check is when I’m shaving in the morning — and it’s only because I’ve found out for myself how dangerous it can be to shave without looking into a mirror — and that’s it. I’m a simple guy. Heh.

But today I had to take a good look at myself in the mirror again, because Karen said I looked 23! Good joke la ‘cos looking at a crazily grinning Mar in the toilet couldn’t quite convince me that it’s only been 23 years, but more of like a 32year old, who is grinning uncontrollably, like someone who’s had too many to drink and is beginning to think that he has just won a lottery!

Even my colleagues and customers at work can’t guess my age and often cite it to be a few years younger! *tripping* Maybe it’s the squeaky (yet, ahem, manly) voice that hides the years away??? Bah~ I don’t even think I look any younger than I am.

For the records, I don’t even feel young anymore and even the body begins to ache in places where years back it would recover almost instantly for example, after a soccer game, and especially after last Sunday’s Fico 5-a-side tournament with the Dragonscage boys. (Wooo~ We could’ve won the tournament if not for poor refereeing decisions. Btw, why does a losing team always blame the referees? Poor, pun intended, referees la~)

Anyway I’m quite good at guessing a person’s age so I guess others are just bad at guessing mine eh?

So tell me, what’s my age again?

Dizzy Dizzy & How Harry Potter Made Me *almost* Vomit.

I’m contemplating going on a strike against Taxi drivers who ‘drift’ all the way while driving, or perhaps bring along a brick/stone if I’m ever going to take a taxi, so I can offer to place the brick/stone onto the gas pedal.

These drifts are making me dizzy man! But wait, no, not those Initial-D or racing kind of drifting but the kind where the driver continuously, and annoyingly revs, pushing the gas pedal then lets go totally, letting the taxi go on a drift, then revs again to accelerate, then lets go totally. It’s like being buoyed uncontrollably, like as if you’re being carried by the ocean waves — and for the records, I am totally and highly vulnerable to sea/motion sickness la~

So after 3 continuous days of poor taxi driving skills, I’m left with a splitting and spinning head last Friday, on the day Dils was treating me to a Harry Potter show. (Btw, gazillion thanks for the show Dils! Too bad for the spinning dizziness or it could’ve been Al-ameen next, but thanks for understanding!)

Why did I take the taxi? Because my bike wouldn’t start! So a trip to the workshop on Friday, after 2 days of ignoring it at the carpark, and it was diagnosed that bad corrupted wiring was at fault. (Thats what you get for buying second hand bikes~)

By the time I received the bike, in startable condition, the spinning dizzines was at its peak, and though not entirely sure how I managed to ride home afterwards, I immediately sunk onto my bed and into a restless, dreamless sleep. (Special thanks to Godma at this point of time for treating me a little..)

Had I not been awakened by Bangau, who called me to join him gaming, I would have slept till morning came and missed the movie, but thankfully I wasn’t, though Dils was late!!! Aha! (For the promptness, or lack of it, treat me to another movie! Kekeke…)

Anyway I wasn’t able to join Bangau ‘cos I had to see the movie for myself, despite harbouring the spinning headache. My godsisters, who are ardent and immense fans of the book told me of their dissappointment after watching the show (and comparing it with the book) and having not read the book fully (at chapter 5 still..) I was free of any expectations of the movie. Even some pals who’d watch the movie expressed a little bit of disdain. So you see, I had to watch it and decide for myself.

Maybe it was the dizziness, or maybe it was my exhaustion for I found the movie tiring, and and at times lethargically draggy. It was as if the Director was ‘forced’ to direct the movie in a manner which he never intend to and having the the whole episode turned out a little labourous.

Even the lovable characters like Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore seemed squeezed into playing out their respective decisions and actions — it all just seemed so un-JK Rowling! Though I have yet to finish the book, I hope the characters aren’t as they’re depicted in the movie and has more ‘life’ instead.

In all fairness, it was a decent movie but it sorely lacked the energy, excitement and suspense that the previous episodes brought to the screen, but having watched the movie in a semi-concious state of dizziness, I’m not sure if I should label it as a bad movie entirely. Bah, I’m sitting on the fence on this one.

So if ya had to watch Harry Potter: And The Half Blood Prince, just try not to take a taxi that ‘drifts’.

Heh, what a ride, pun intended, watching the movie. I almost vomitted la~ Bahh~~

Evony. Not ebony.

What’s ebony? Don’t know, don’t care.

But I’ll tell you more about Evony, the MMORTS game, or in it’s long form, Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game.

Long story short, it’s an open ended real time strategy or RTS game based in the medievil era, with an almost zero boundaries and, limited only by your capacity to manage your resources, tests your capacity in managing limited resources! Heh.

The best part about this game is that, yes wait for it — wait a little more, just a little more — okay here it is, is that all you need is an internet browser and it’s free! This means that you can play it anywhere (at work? in school?), anytime (while lunching at macdonalds?)!

Now, if only my beloved Championshop Manager was something like this. Oh wait, there is already something called Hattrick, another MMORTS sports game, that ‘mimic’s the day to day routine of a football/soccer manager and is open ended (i.e there’s no ending or server resets, just like Evony).

Starting with nothing but a few meagre resources and a town hall, much alike to a game of Warcraft, you will gradually build up your town infrastructures as well as amassing your all-conquering armada. All this amidst scouring for new lands and defending against any possible invasions.

Sounds fun?  Plays way better. Don’t tell my boss but I even play the game while working. All I need is a few seconds of attention every 10-15 minutes or so to check on which building are completed or which academics are researched. A slot to resume construction or forage outside your castles means more waiting time, so Evony’s game engine kind of fits me and my working pace, where I attend to customers, phonecalls and trip to the kopitiam, to get Vitasoys,  at intervals.

I’ve always been a fan of RTS games, starting out with the Sims games and my all time favourite, X-Com, and Evony’s resource management system has felt like home ever since I started playing.

Better still, when I’m at home, I get to PLAY and BLOG at the same time! Kill 2 birds with 1 stone? I’m game for it!

So what do I think of Evony? It’s massive yet simple, complex yet fun, engaging and even free! What more can I ask for in a game?

Yosh! Join me and my alliance now by going to this registration page:!

Support me — world domination awaits! Gaaaaah!!!!

An Occasional Thingy

Let’s face it, noone can blabber on, non-stop on their blog right? Like what should you be continuously talking about? New websites? Other bloggers? Your favourite sports team? That recent movie? Your blind date? The lousy traffic?


I think I faced a conundrum about blogging this past week. I had so many things to blog about that I simply can’t put my thoughts to words in any way more irrationale than a drunkard who’s sober, in which case he wouldn’t be drunk so he can’t be called a drunkard rite?

I’ve deleted so many drafts,due to my failure ingetting past that second paragraph every time I indulge in a new post entry — and most of them didn’t even have a post title to begin with.

Maybe I’m the one who’s an entrenched drunk? Drunk on money making possibilities while entrenched in money spending activities, most notoriously getting myself dunked on DOTA and DVD movie purchases. And 7-11 food snacks.

I love DOTA-ing and the fact that my good buddies are hooked simply means that there’s usually not enough time to socialize elsewhere and the weekend events of soccer and soccer and soccer and soccer means that there’s very little time spent with the family.

Gee, this is occasionally becoming not so occasional already. So this means its an occasional occasional, which would make it non-occasional right? Gaaaaaaah~

I think I better go to bed now.

An Engrish Thingy

An Engrish Thingy

I’m always an advocate of ‘if you wanna do something, do it right.’ The reason being that it might come off weird or amusing if thing’s are not done correctly, as shown within the next few examples which were snapshots off

My first take here is of this particular Hotel’s signage where you probably won’t be getting any1 from their main staffs anytime soon.

Hotel BJ -- Not getting any


Up next is a sale where you probably won’t be getting any1 either.

Fixed Sale -- Not getting any

Lol, fancy being in a sale where the prices are fixes! Now how does that work? Hmm…

How about this one? It suggests pleasant smells but does it really?

Enjoy Air - Not getting any

Fresh air? I’m pretty sure you won’t be getting any1 here where you’re done.

How much more creative can these sign designers get? Wahahaha…

1 won’t be getting any: Don’t pretend.. you know what this means. ; )

To Cough Or Not To Cough (Part-II)

To Cough Or Not To Cough (Part-II)

I confess.

I did it.

And I’m not sure, between me and my bro, of whom will be grinning the widest.

You see with my joining into the venture (<rant>oh no, not another venture and entry into my neverending to-do lists!!!</rant>), my bro has more than recouped his initial investments for the year. To top it off for him, I think I might just be copywriting his blog a little for it to appear that little bit more pleasing and friendly.

Hermy's blog over at myspace: Earn while you sleep...

By the way, don’t ask me why, but I enjoy helping honest people. So check out my bro’s blog over at myspace, if you may kindly do so — It’s a ‘cute’ post from him and I’m sure he’ll need a few help along the way, which I’ll gladly offer anytime.

So, and a very big so that is, I’ve squeezed the cheese from my shrinking dough1 and now that the vehicle has arrived I’ll just have to prepare the gears and get them moving, which I failed to after DOTA-ing the previous night away.

And, a very big and that is, I have plenty of reasons to believe that tonight might go down the same way if I don’t keep Bangau busy with something, and right now I think I’ll give him the joy of categorising some tees and work on their photos.

What tees? What photos? What vehicle? What what? Haha.. nah, I think I’ll save the sneak preview for some other time cos I wouldn’t wanna steal my bro’s thunder from this post. Don’t forget to check out his very simple blog okay!? A million thanks in advance from me. For now.

1squeezed the cheese from my shrinking dough: A flour mixture that’s shrinking in size after cheese has been extracted. Yeah right. Actually I just said that to refer to my budget deficit for the month. Bah~