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Test your vocabulary.

Test your vocabulary.

Isn’t it comforting to know how limited one’s vocab really is?

Initially, after seeing someone I know coming in at 29,000 words, I thought I’d beat the number..


But nooooooo, I came up a little short.

Anyways, what’s yours?

The actual actualizations of actuallies.

Actually I never intended this protracted hiatus from my blogging world.

My ‘blogging world’, which became a staple diet of my nightly – or sometimes daily – things to do have always been my tome of life experiences which I chronicle arduously, but sometimes things have a way of panning out in a near perfectly and accidentally architectured events that it can be likened to a blithe theory gone blissly viral and I actually went away from it.

Ok, whatever that means right, and so why did I come back?

Wait! When did I ever ‘leave’, if I could actually be pardoned for using that jargon here? No, I never did left, cos I simply was, and really really actually, absorbing it all.

Well, long story short, things in my life fell perfectly in place and i could never have planned it better.

You know, like how sometimes you’d wonder to yourself, while you’re trimming away the awful protruding hair from your nostrils in the bathroom mirror, what it could have actually been had you did some things in a certain way.

Or perhaps how things could have actually been if you had had your way with words.

How often have we told ourselves, secretly and regretfully, of how we actually could have done things we didn’t do, or how actually we could have said words we never spoke, or – the mother of all actuallies – how we could have splurged our love on those we truly love but only to pull back in fear of what might have been?

Granted, life is too precarious to be living precariously, but in actual fact, isn’t life too short to be living in a ‘what could have actually been’ world?

From getting a much deserved break at the office to the long awaited love of my life, my world, of which I shall term as the actual actualizations of actuallies, is blithe, and – of which I consider to be quite an achievement – I’m back blogging.

And boy, there’s so many things to share with you.

Cue, smilies.