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Dotapod, the new revolutionary way to Dota!

From the makers of Zion, Dotapod aims to simplify the way you connect and game with your buddies, all via the web!

Okay, so my take now: I still think nothing beats’s simple approach to gaming, but you’d have to own a cd-key to game via battle-net and that means, ahem, getting an ORIGINAL copy of the game itself — but it onloy costs SG $69-$79 for a Warcraft III battle chest pack! A worthy investment if you’re truly a fan of the game.

Anyway, I’ve tried lots of FREE’s alternative which includes Zion, Lancraft,  Hamachi and some others but nothing in that FREE List beats GARENA. 

Actually DOTAPOD aims to rival GARENA but I think GARENA wins hands down, at the moment, in terms of feature, ease of use, competition and much more.  GARENA rules.

Still if you’re on the prowl for alternatives, do give DOTAPOD a try now!