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Forget the bizarre UEFA Cup  final ever in 2001, where Liverpool won 5-4 against Alaves.

Forget the best European comeback ever in Istanbul in 2005, where Liverpool clawed back from the death against AC Milan.

Forget the greatest FA Cup final ever in 2006, where West Ham was hammered by Liverpool in the final moments.

Its not easy to forget them indeed, but only because these are the kind of games that define the culture that is Liverpool FC. We do not lie down and just die. We die trying, and you never forget these games.

Last night, Chelsea handed us the plane ticket home from the UEFA Champions League, and although any exit from a cup competition is never remembered, one simply neither can etch out the manner in which Chelsea was made to earn the spot on the next berth nor the manner in the determination of the Liverpool lads, whom were devoid of their captain.

Once more, with Steven Gerrard on the bench, Liverpool scores 4 and any team that scores 4 goals deserves a victory at the very least, but not when you’re playing in an European tie and certainly not against Chelsea.

At 2 goals up, you’d wish Steven Gerrard was around to dictate the pace of the game, but alas and for once, Benitez opts to save him for the league instead — and it tells you a lot that the emphasize have been shifted from an European front towards a Domestic one.

 Overall aggregate score, Liverpool 5 – Chelsea 7. 

It’s always disappointing when Liverpool fail to get to the semi-finals, but I’m proud to say that I was heartened by their forceful and fighting display right till the final whistle was blown. 

I’m pretty sure, if the referee had allowed an extension for 10mins of injury time, a different team would’ve made it to the next round.

Liverpool 4 – Chelsea 4. Such a beautiful game it is.