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@ Dils — Yer back girl! And even the bloggies are back too! You could use a vacation too right? Or perhaps, another movie marathon? Fast and Furious just opened, and I heard its goooooood. ; )

@ Klayhead — Yeah! Zombie deck rulez! Motto of the day: I die, you die! But you die first! Those were the days when Magic was a staple of our bunk’s entertainment eh? Do ya recall Joel having an affinity for my Dragon deck? Haha, that fellow likes Dragons I tell ya!

@ Stranger — Wazzzzapppppp~ Of the 2, I’d say Fad controls the play and has a better awareness of the movements around him, but both players could add a little flair to Skopets indeed. With Fad, I know we can play that quick 1-2 passes and play the ball out of defence. With Rash, I know that we can depend on him to create the space upfront. Too bad they’re our opponents for this season now.

@ Juff — There’s no tryouts bro. You’re in the team already. You might want to put aside $18 for our new White/Green Jersey. The next game is this Saturday, 3pm, to be played either at Broadrick Sec or Si Ling Sec, I think. Let me know if you’ll be coming down so I can prep the Kapitan on that day to let you play 90 mins.  

@ Everyone else — Learn to love to live to die. Its beautiful isn’t it?