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Who’d knew that the Tampines Mall installation, our (Jacky Printing) first ever escalator installation would stretch from 10pm till 7am and leave me with just barely an hour of sleep, which can be likened to having a hangover — if I’ve ever had a hangover (I don’t drink, btw! Really!!) –by the next the morning I woke.

Anyway, during the installation and during the wee hours (about 3am-4am) as I walked around the area, it certainly felt like I was the only movable object, the only homo sapien with any ounce of life left within. The still air and silent morning was dreadful yet calming. It felt as if the earth stood still just for me at that point of time, at that place and moment.

For once, life felt peaceful and I guiltily imagined the moment accompanying me daily. Though the body was begging for the mattress, the heart longed for the stillness to not cease. 

My first ever escalator installation, though not entirely a resounding success, it did had me wishing the stillness would prolong. It was calm, peaceful and serene. Stuffs that I so badly crave for, and it certainly made me long to visit Tioman island once more.

April already came too quickly and there’s no guarantee that May or June won’t follow suit. Even my soccer league has ended, where we finished 3rd (with the 8-1 victory last weekend topping off the season), and the new season will begin soon — actually it began 2 weeks ago, and my team is lagging behind in the number of games already!

Wow. Just wow. I yearn for the sea breeze more than ever now.