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Rants From The Upper Lobes

Lobe: noun lowb

1. (anatomy) a somewhat rounded subdivision of a bodily organ or part.
2. (botany) a part into which a leaf is divided
3. The enhanced response of an antenna in a given direction as indicated by a loop in its radiation pattern

4. A rounded projection that is part of a larger structure

I highlighted it in red just so that I can lull myself into believing that there’s bigger things coming. Is there?

Interestingly, I had a banter with Bangau last night about what a business should be.

Before I get to that part, let me bring the debate a little earlier where I mentioned casually of how certain stuffs can be monetised in a certain way (I can’t recall what it was so let’s call it as  ‘certain’ here..) and immediately Bangau quipped that I’m starting to view everything as a business opportunity. Quipping back, I pointed out that that’s only because I see a certain value in a certain item and that this value is potentially harvestable (monetize-able) which could bring about even more value! Now that’s business value!

Of course, Bangau commented that a business should be about profiting the community overall. Something that would benefit socially instead of just for pure monetary gains, and I’m all agreement with this point as well.

Wait, did I mention that before this banter we had an earlier conversation of the methods our prophets used to spread the religion and how the community back then wheeled and dealed. Naturally, Bangau was in a ‘conscientious mind’ whereby what the business receives, it’s given back in some way or another. Profit, or whatever there is left, should be used only to increase the potential/ability of the business.

Now again, I’m mentioning all this off of my head, and not based on some teachings or education which I’ve received ( or never received?) so I do not endorse nor ensure there’s any accuracy, if any, in this post. I’m just a regular guy, doggedly working day by day, by day, by day.. You know~

So who’s right here? Me or Bangau? In fact, I believe, that there shouldn’t be any right or wrong because it all depends on whose perspective you choose to view a business from. Me, I’m only viewing the banter subject from an economist point of view while Bangau chose to see it as a socialist, but we’re still cool. We’re gamers, so everything is debatable.

Anyway, back to this post’s introduction: lobe. ‘A rounded projection…’. My current mish-mash of opportunities and problems? ‘…that is part of a larger structure.‘ My future, or what’s left of it? I’m not sure if it’s really even large but…  I do sense opportunities coming, but at the same time also that the road I’m on seems to be constricting even more. It’s getting tougher, but tell me, what isn’t?

Fiorentina 2 – Liverpool 0

Fiorentina 2 – Liverpool 0

It’s a good thing that I’m not able to watch the game on tv (cos my TV’s connected to SCV’s football channel in the living room, while my MioTV is still awaiting to be connected to a TV in the bedroom. This meant that I was allowed to catch up on sleep instead of waking up in the middle of the night to catch Liverpool play, which I WOULD have done if I COULD.

Again, it’s a good thing that I missed the game because Liverpool lost! Had I watched it, my bro would probably be cursing throughout the match, which would be a double sore for me!

Dejected Torres

Why oh why are we so dependent on this guy, Torres, here?

With the rumoured percentage takeover of the Saudi prince of Liverpool’s Co-Owner’s stakes, at least there’s some hope that some sort of cash will be injected into the club to fund some proper game-winning acquisitions, like bringing in David Villa perhaps?

Anyway, not since 2 and half years ago did Liverpool fail to score in a Champions League game, but all good things come to and eh? Just like this post…

Liverpool 6 – Hull 1

Liverpool 6 – Hull 1

No wonder DOTA session today felt great, despite losing some and winning some games. Liverpool put 6 past Hull city, which looked unlikely when Geovanni leveled the scoreline, but when Torres is in the form of his life, weaving and dancing past defenders, there really isn’t any other outcome is there?

David Villa -- Euro 49M?

And this guy coming to Liverpool for Euro 49M? Rafa did requested for the co-owners the fund to bring this hotshot in, but for Euro49M?

Really? Do we even have that money? This after my beloved Reds brought Kyrgiakos as defensive cover for a miserly Euro3M!?!This after bringing in Babel and Ngog for millions of pounds and not giving them the chance to play regularly?

Wahahaha.. Okay, so I’m excited at the prospect of this fella’s arrival but until any papers are signed, this is nothing more that just a rumour.

Euro 49M! Wow. That’s countless hours of DOTA sessions man…

Oh, yeahooo! Liverpool won again! *winks*

Magic: The Gathering, Out Comes The Sword.

Magic: The Gathering, Out Comes The Sword.

Farid, my magician friend, asked me an offer which I found extremely difficult to refuse — that is to reindulge ourselves in a battle of magic the gathering, or MTG. I think it’s a double edged sword. Well not really a sword, but what’s MTG then?


This is it.

I sense myself going back into my MTG addiction days, when I’d scrimp on food to get myself booster packs or expansion packs of the game, that randomly contained 15 of such cards.

MTG was a collector’s dream with many many expansions and thousands of cards, but couple it with the randomness of booster packs, it could turn to be a collector’s nightmare too! Hence, these cards soon assumed a price of their own, where they were traded amongst players and collectors. Pssst, if you held the right cards for the right time, and sold it at the right price, you could really make a handsome profit.

Black Lotus

And if you happened to be the latest owner of this particular card, then you’d probably have to part with US$20,000!!! Yes, that’s how much this card got sold for! Wow. Just a card eh? Just a game eh?

I kept telling myself that too — just a game, until I spent $$$$ and became a collector of sorts. Btw, $$$$ was also the main reason most of my gaming buddies ‘retired’ from the game. It’s just too much to keep up with, but I think these cards are worth more than just $$$$ and that’s why I continued silently.

Some of the card’s artworks are pure brilliance, some ‘flavour text’ are witty, but most of the time I keep them just because it’s nostalgic and gives visiting friends an opportunity to ‘catch up’ on our history. Good times, when we’re playing the game.

And with Farid’s invitation, I sense plenty of hours of deckbuilding and playtesting to come. Heh. As if my diminishing free time isn’t already occupied with DOTA, now I’m back in the world of MTG again!

Oh well, time to unleash the swords — rhetorically of course, ‘cos I have no swords at home. Heh.

Time management – Useful tips.

Thanks to smashing magazine’s ‘How To Find Time For… Everything!‘ article,  I guess it sort of reminded me of the things that I should take not of while trying to get things done.

Despite the article sharing 16 extremely useful tips, I think there’s a few that I can add to it, being:

i) Write down anything that you think that’s worth remembering.
I think trying to remember notes/events/stuffs just by using your memory can be a very bad thing that haunts you a little bit later in the future. Eg — like if you’ve just changed your gmail password, write it down. Don’t assume your super genius memory is able to remember the new password when you wake up in the morning. If it’s worth remembering, just write it down somewhere. THIS is definitely a life saver.

Btw, Google has given me the green light to reset my password so I’m back to checking my mails again. Finally, yeah!!!

ii)  Work away from distractions. Switch off that handphone, radio or TV.
While this isn’t a lifesaver, it’s definitely a time saver. You wouldn’t want to get distracted by your surrounding while you’re entranced in your work. Okay, maybe not just work as this can truly apply to a student who’s studying even. Work away from distractions. It’s that simple. It really helps you to focus this way.

iii) Mindset. Tell yourself that you can do it (manage time), and JUST DO IT. DO SOMETHING!
Many times most of us, which even I used to be guilty of back then, fail to give ourselves due credit or belief that we are able to execute the project or job on hand promptly. Honestly how many times do we react to a given project or task and immediately tell ourselves just what a big piece of sh*t mountain there is to climb? I mean, why can’t we just take it with open arms and instead of moaning, immediately set out an action plan to get the job done, whether or not there’s enough time or not, we must decide on the next course of actions asap.

I think this is very very commonly and gultily seen at my workplace whereby where something crops up, the first thing that comes to mind is who to blame for the mistakes/occasion. Sheesh. People can be so paranoia about this at times. Why not just settle the freaking thing and finger blame later? Complete the project first, complaint later, has been my motto and I’ve not much to complain about, really.

So there you go, me adding some stuffs to an already extremely useful list of time management guide found on smashing magazine. Cheers~!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Wishing all Muslims in Singapore and anywhere around the world, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Aaarrrrrghhhhh! I forgot my gmail password!

In case you hadn’t knew, gmail has the toughest, if not the most impenetrable security questions/forms around!

Why? because I’ve forgotten my passwords a couple of time (not my main account though) and the experience has been intimidating.

So last night, logging into my account, gmail sent me a message that there may be someone trying to hack into my account and advised me to change my password — which I then changed into a new one. Bear in mind that all these happened after I had my break fast at 5am in the morning and I was still drowsy and all.

So I picked an extremely long password and confident that noone could hack into it, even if they tried.

And who knew even i couldn’t log in again later in the afternoon, because I’d inexplicably forgotten to write down THAT NEW password! Now I’m stuck!!

Oh, yes I went through a few security questions and all but it wasn’t finished there! Since I had no secondary email, which I didn’t want to write down earlier in the morning while I changed the password and on hindsight if only I did, I wasn’t delivered any password reset code or receive any verification number on my handphone.

This sucks.

Extremely sucks.

Sucks extremely to the core.

Why did I change my password, just because google told me to?


This rant won’t end well. : (

Liverpool 1 – 0 Debrecen (Ole, Ole, Ole!)

What Kuyt did this morning against Debrecen should be emulated by strikers all over the world, as his follow up to Torres’ shot was to be the sole goal in this one sided Champions League game. Here’s a link for the video highlights, Liverpool 1 – Debrecen 0.

Wait a minute, just who on earth are Debrecen? They sound more like a spare part to a car engine instead of a football team, but that’s to be forgiven for being a small club from one of Europe’s outskirt domestic leagues, the Hungarian league. With a ground capacity of just more than 9000, they probably got the jitters to perform in front of almost 50,000 screaming, crazy, fanatic fans at Anfield, but really?

In ernest, Debrecen made Liverpool to work for its goal, and actually performed well even though they were outclassed in possession and almost every other area of the field. If yo consider Liverpools’ 68% possession rate to Barcelona’s 65% (against Inter Milan, in the same competition this morning), Debrecen can be likened to an Inter Milan stature then eh?

Anyway, despite not being able to watch the game live on SCV, cos it’s only available on MIO TV, which I’m subscribed to but have no TV in the room to connect to, I could only watch the game’s highlights from the link I’ve shared above. But this meant that I am spared the 90 minutes of waking moment and instead have the opportunity to sleep away, and then grab the highlights of about 2-3 mins and digest it quickly.

More sleep, I’d always welcome that with open arms, and couple that with Liverpool’s 3 points in the Champions League, I think I should be able to sleep well these coming days, where I’ve a few days off, thanks to the Hari Raya holidays.

So till then.. Glory, glory Liverpool FC~