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The state of it all.

The state of it all.

Look at the table. So close eh?

If my beloved Liverpool don’t win the league in May, would I call it a disaster?

This is the closest that we have ever been to winning the league, and over the past 10 seasons, I don’t recall of  ever being this tight to any of the league leaders in the respective season.

Even when we finished 2nd in the 01/02 season, it wasn’t as close as it were this season, and back then even the players did not play with the belief and panache that the current crop has — and most important of all, back then, IMHO, we did not possess one of the world’s best Keeper, Defender, Midfielder and Striker.

So why wouldn’t it be a disaster if we fail to win it this year, but the real question  is, why would it?

Ever since Benitez took over from Houllier, slowly but surely and steadily he has guided Liverpool closer and tighter towards the coveted title. Its like perfecting a formula time and time and time again, and each season sees him bringing in a function or an algorithm which inches closer towards achieving it.

Each season has seen his team garner more points than ever and  mature tighter as a footballing unit and every season we find 1 or 2 gems from the squad.

We have seen Luis Garcia and his magic in 04/05 and we witnessed Gerrard’s coming of age in 05/06.

We uncovered the polished gloves of custodian Reina in 06/07, while  the 07/08 season signalled the arrival of Fernando Torres, whom instantly cemented his claim as a cultured and dependable finisher.

Then in this 08/09 season, we realise the pivotal role that Alonso has fulfilled, and how thankful we have been for his contributions, as well as the arrival of hungry, determined youngsters such as Insua, Agger and Darby. 

It should be known that not since the era of Ian Rush have I seen my Liverpool perform with finese, confidence and conviction. Maybe not yet comparable to the footballing tome found in the Barcelonas, Man Utds and Arsenals but we’re definitely closing in on them. 

This current crop of players can be said to be the most exciting bunch that I have known in my entire 27 years of Liverpudlianliness, and I cannot deny that I am now expecting them to win every single game they play, just because I know that they can.

But you can’t deny reality and it sometimes sinks in, in the form of a 3-1 home loss to a certain Club from London and that is football, where it is a game of 11men against 11men, with the outcome usually swaying towards the direction of the hungrier team, with a little bit of luck.

Oh well, nothing is perfect eh?