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I got inspired yesterday. Met up with some friends and their uncle. Had some teh, lots of insights and safe to say, I woke up.

And now, time to inspire.

Ask, and I’ll inspire — when you’re ready.

So, when will that be?

Real Madrid 0 – Liverpool 1

I can’t believe that it took me so long (24 hours!) to blog about Liverpool’s mammoth of a win against Les Merengues or better known as Real Madrid, but thats only because I was bogged down with appointments and work.  Really!

Anyway, what a victory it was to snatch all 3 points right from under their noses at the end of the game, and the fact that it was on their own home turf makes it all sweeter than ever.

No doubt Madrid carved a few decent chances, even a goal was ruled offside, but the determination and tenacity that was displayed by Liverpool, is simply outstanding — and i think its the first time I’ve seen THE WHOLE team actually playing their hearts out for a win this year.

Perhaps it was Steven Gerrard’s absence that propelled them to step up a gear, or maybe it was the nasty tumours of Rafa Benitez getting the sack, that was the catalyst for their superb performance to prove doubters wrong.

Either way, Liverpool didn’t crumble beneath the tide that was Real Madrid, who dominated a lion’s share of the possession, but instead pulled a sucker punch and stolidly defended. Impressive indeed, and impressed I was.

My man of the match, no make it MEN of the match, were Alonso, Kuyt and Mascherano. Actually the whole team would have made it but I felt like singling these three magnificient players out.

Alonso:  Broke down plenty of Real’s attacks and initiated most of Liverpool’s offenses. Deft touches, here and there gave Madrid’s midfielders lots of problems. His audacious, and certainly not impossible, long range shots would have capped his brilliant display, but what a save from Casillas to deny him the goal.
Kuyt: As always was his industrious self and became extremely valuable in earning Liverpool vantage points, via freekicks in the opposition half. He tormented defenders into making hasty passes and clearances and drifted in and out of the flanks, causing confusions within Madrid’s defenses. This fella too would be well off with a well deserved goal, but just too bad today wasn’t his scoring day.

As for Mascherano, he snapped and terrorised Real’s forwards,  he protected his defenders from the onslaught, he guarded his flanks from beind exposed, and even chased the ball madly when it was dragged back into the opposing half.  Tireless and insatiable, he epitomised Reds’ performance with lots of grit, hard running and ruthless determination.

So usually an away goal would be good enough to advance to the next stage, but somehow I have this hunch that Liverpool will concede an early goal against Madrid, in the return leg. But as always, they’ll be saved by a Gerrard brilliance or a Torres miracle and (touch wood) earn that quarterfinal berth, so I reckon it will be another tight outcome, during the return leg at Anfield.

As it stands, Real Madrid 0 – Liverpool 1. Until the next leg, you’ll never walk alone.

A Friend’s Fifty Thousand Dollars Dilemma

Say, what if you’re on government bond of 3 years (of working in Singapore). However you have the option of paying it off for SG$50,000. Then your Mum wants to pay off that bond for you, so that you can live with her elsewhere and don’t have to serve that bond. What would you do? Tricky situation eh. Do you take the quickway out, and lose your $50,000 or would you persevere for 3 years? 

Anyway, to my friend who’s facing this dilemma, persevere dude. 3 years will pass by like… zooom! Even if you really are needed back home, you can always take a holiday trip. Financially speaking, $50,000 is a lot to be wasted on a government bond. Why not, save that $50,000 for something else, maybe place in a fixed deposit for 3 years. At the same time, you work your ass off during that 3 years and earn some money. Plus, the home trips isn’t really that far to not be able to make it often. Unless you have a secret family with children that I’m not aware of, and requires your immediate support over there, then I propose a financially wise decision of working for the 3 years.

Dude, consider wisely.  That $50,000 your mum is sacrificing after all her years of hard work, will be placed into government hands which could possibly be spent within days. (I’m just contemplating ‘cos I don’t know about governement budgets but they sure are in the millions. So what’s $50,000 eh?) Just like that.

Its extremely difficult to negotiate with a fixed mind, so the best that you can do is to coax and present to her of your present opportunities and potentials. At the same time remind her of the good it’ll bring.  Good luck.

Wow… $50,000… Wooo.. I could buy lots of big bikes!

The return of Bike.

The return of Bike.

It felt like floating, as if I was hovering above ground, gliding seemlessly with the road. Every turn of the throttle smoothly propels me forward and every turn feels as if I’m caressing the tar of the road. What the hell am I talking about? Well I got my bike back from the workshop today, and it felt as if I’ve never rode before! Riding has never been this smooth, this reactive, this progressive. Today, it felt really different. Today it felt as it riding has never been this fun! 

Ahh, lady luck is finally leaning onto my shoulders again, all the more evident after my soccer team, Skopets FC, grabbed the league’s throne, as a result of our 6-1 demolition of Woodlands Vista FC,  last weekend.

Anyway too bad to Liverpool FC for not squeezing a victory against Man City, but I suppose they were reserving their tanks for the Real Madrid game, tomorrow. As for tonight, these teams will slug it out after weeks of Champions League inactivity.

Of all these matches, I’m focusing on the last one most. I hope Man Utd will cruise to a 3 goal lead. And then Inter will claw back for a dramatic and not least miraculous victory by scoring 4 goals in the last 20 minutes. Now that’ll put a dent to Man Utd’s aspirations this season. \m/

10th Draw of The Season

It wasn’t a strict 4-4-2 but more of a 4-4-1-1 formation, and Rafa’s failure to add creativity into his mdifield has caused Liverpool to lose another 2 points. City’s gameplan was ultra simple, pack the central defensive area and hope for the best. 

At the moment, Man Yoo have stretched a formidable 7 point lead at the top while Liverpool regain their status as EPL’s king of bore-draws. The 1-1 result against Citizens was the Red’s 10th draw of the season, the most draws accumulated in the league currently.

Suddenly, looking at the table now, Chelsea is only just 1 win away from stealing 2nd spot. Liverpool now have to cope with the pressure of catching up Man Yoo, whilst continously glancing behind to keep watch of Chelsea’s advances. 

Looking further down the table, the revelation of a relegation battle  continues and what an exciting battle it will be! A boon indeed, because its getting really boring at the top with news of Man Yoo’s persitent victories by the odd one goal margin. Seems like only Inter Milan looks to have the capability of souring their brazenly sweet season, and throw them into a little disarray, which unfortunately seems rather unlikely.

So my opinions of the season seems to be unfolding scarily true — that Man Yoo will steal the title, again, while Liverpool will falter away due to the lack of game winners.  My last statement especially evident during this Man City game, when we were without Gerrard and Alonso. 

Though I don’t give up easily, I acknowledge reality and though I know my Reds will keep on trying to close the gap, I’m pretty sure that Man Yoo will stubbornly keep winning their games. 

As for next season, I’ve already drawn up my list of key players to bring into the club, but first, the Liverpool board of directors might want to start drawing up their list of managers to take over Rafa Benitez. He’s a great tactician, but never really embodies the Liverpool spirit of free flowing attacking football.

What Luck.

Washed my bike yesterday. Washed it real clean. It rode home like a charm, smooth and speedy. Then it wouldn’t even start this morning. Pfft. What luck!

Then Man Yoo extended their league at the top to 8 points, about the same gap which they were behind Liverpool about a month ago, though the roles of the two teams have changed massively. What luck!

No one was supposed to be back in office today, so as my customer had to collect something urgently, I ceeded to return to open the doors and let him collect. As I reach office, almost everyone was there! Gaaaaah! What luck!

 But there’s been good events too! Like how I spent 1 and a half day mulling over the thoughtthat  I’ve lost my wallet only for it to be found by my colleague! It wasn’t just a wallet, it was a PICARD! I’ll probably have to starve a few weeks if I were to get it again. Phew. 

Then I registered my first goal for Skopets FC in the league game yesterday! It was too easy a game for us, and despite missing quite a lot of chances, we ran off 6-1 winners eventually.  Yeah!

And I think I’ll be registering my first Tee sale soon — a friend is buying ’em.  ; ) Ahhhhh.. Want some tees? May the tees be with you… *hint* *hint*..

The return of Bike.

Liverpool VS Manchester City

Liverpool VS Manchester City
Citizens, or Manchester City, is one of the worst EPL teams when on the road, this season. With a host of key players doubtful, I won’t be surprised if Rafa pulls another shocker like he did at Portsmouth, where he played 3-5-2.

Why I’m guessing a 3-5-2 formation is because Rafa seriously needs to beef his midfield, who’ll be without Alonso and Gerrard for the game. The thought of Masch and Lucas feels lightweight, and another inner midfielder will be required to steady the ship.

Steven Gerrard’s absence is a strong loss, but it’ll be redeemed by the return of Torres, and the fact that Manchester City have failed to get any wins for the last 10 games on the road, and that they’ve just recently been foiled in the EUFA Cup, while the Reds have been practising real hard on their XBOX 360 systems over the week.

You know, I’d love to get myself an xbox 360 and get some actions with Mirror’s Edge. *Crosses Fingers*.

Anyway, Liverpool should see off Citizens comfortably, and unless Rafa plays anything less than 2 upfront, Citizens should start planning for next week’s return  game in the UEFA Cup.

Predictions: Liverpool 2 – Manchester City

Sheesha or Shisha?

How’s it spelt exactly? Not entirely sure but we smoked sheesha (I’ll stick to this spelling for now) somewhere along Arab St just now. Chic dudes and duddettes were aplenty, while fruity flavoured smoke lingered amongst us while we rested after dinner at Kampung Glam Cafe. They served quite okay food leh this time.

I thought that there was something different about the cafe, though I couldn’t pinpoint what. I had an apple pie earlier at work, so I ordered something light, something that sounded like Mee Hoon Goreng Daging — not bad, really. It was smooth, and moisturous and tangy, and in short, yummy!

During the sheesha-ing session, Fahmi and Z left for the toilet, but when they came back they brought Rafiq along, a long lost NYP friend of ours, whom almost instantly recognised Ikhwan, Irfan and Firman! Wow! This dude has a great memory lah, and has somehow managed to pack a couple of kilos onto his frame too ‘cos he looks beefed indeed! 

So there really isn’t anything special to sheesha-ing, I think. In fact, IMHO it’s just another toy to throw your money at, while relaxing time with your friends, but isn’t that what smoking is all about? Looking cool, mixing around, calming yourselves down, glancing at your surroundings and discussing about coming up with a video team to record a friend’s wedding. Typical smoker stuffs, save the wedding thingy, which seems really ambitious and worthwhile doing at the same time! I endorse!

So yeah, its an occasion to indulge in the typical smoker attitude but you just can’t deny that the fruity smokey flavour, that sticks to your upper throat, is kind of enticing, but certainly not addictive? Na-uh~ Hardly! For if you really asked me, DOTA hooks me far worse than sheesha ever will. Oh, and DOTA, it’s much cheaper too! Heh~

The return of Bike.

Are my fonts too small? Garage sale anyone?

Well, are they? Or is my screen resolution too big thus the text here appears tiny? But my resolution is only 1440 x 900! Maybe I’m just paranoid?

Maybe it’s the thought of Liverpool chasing Man Yoo’s 5 point gap that’s getting to me? Very challenging, just the way I like things to be — no joy in strolling away with a lengthy lead rite? Gotta keep the drama.

I guess its not just my computer screen that’s getting claustrophobic, my room is following suit too! I think I’ve too many shirts and stuffs which I use maybe once a year, or close to never. This gave me an idea! Lo and behold, Mar’s Garage Sale! First item up for grabs — my lovable feline! Actually they’re priced way beyond anyone’s wallets so I trust that they won’t ever get sold, but if they do, I’ll be a millionaire then. Either way, I love them both! Kekekeke…

Here goes:

Siti Seri Jessica Nora + Jack Aditya Bob + Countless hours of fun
(Shhhh.. They’re sleeping, so they probably won’t realise that they’re being sold…)

My Felines


Free shipping!!! Hah!