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Looking for customized and good looking EZ-Link Card Stickers?

Looking for customized and good looking EZ-Link Card Stickers?

EZ-Link Card Stickers are all the rage these days aren’t they?

You go into Mini Toons, Comics Mart or GIfts Shop and you’ll find them littered all over the shop.

There are celebrity images, cartoon images and even common pet images, but what if you wanted your own pictures?

Well if you sometime wish that you could print your own family photos, facourite images or basically something that’s different and cannot be found in stores, thankfully there is…. *drum-rolls*…


StickerDojo: Stickers For Awesomeness.

I heard the stickers look great too. Aha! = )

Spread the customization. Spread the love.

Been rather occupied tying down a few websites at the moment, so pardon the lack of constant posts here these days. I’m just glad that StickerDojo is nearing its completion. There’s still chinks in there, but nothing’s perfect right? I’d love to hear feedbacks, good or bad, and ways to improve. Let me know ya!

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. Can’t get a copy? Buy it online!

Farid was asking me just the other day where he could get himself a copy of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, and I told him to head down to Funan Centre because I recalled printing a few murals of it’s launch over there recently.

So what’s so good about Starcraft II anyway, and why the massive hype surrounding this just-another-alien-versus-humans game?

After the epic success of the initial Starcraft game, and when a sequel was planned 7 years ago, you’d have forgiven if you had a hunch that the game was going to mimic the doomed, pun intended, failures in the ways of Doom Forever.

You see, Doom was THE game of its time back then and when a sequel was announced, every gamer who’s ever played it soiled themselves and anxiously waited for its sequel, Doom Forever.

Heh, what a name right, because the game is indeed doomed forever when the plug was pulled on its development last year, as the creators simply couldn’t decide on how to produce the game.

THANKFULLY, Blizzard’s arcane sense of games prevailed and Starcraft II has finally reached our shores after 7 bloody years of waiting, a sequel to THE RTS GAME of it’s time.

Some say it’s the balance nature of the game, some say it’s the action and thrils but whatever you think of it, it’s a game that deserved a sequel, if only to put in some extra $$$ into the pockets of the development team.

I’m not sure if the game itself have been sold out here after shipping 11 MILLION copies on its first week of release, but if you can’t wait to get a confirmation on your copy, you know where to click right?

(Yup that image you see here is an affilliate link and if you click there and buy your game from Amazon, I’m going to be able to afford myself half a cup of Starbucks finally. Or you can always type and search for it yourself. Bah.)


Hmmm, so Farid, are you sure you can’t find yourself a copy in stores?

Are you looking for someone to run errands for you?

Do you feel like you could use some extra time playing DOTA or the recently launched Starcraft II spending time with your children or loved ones and still be able to get your errands done on time, everytime?

Well did you knew that TaskRabbit could make your life easier by running errands for you — the best part being that you get to decide how much you’re willing to pay for a Rabbit someone to hop around for your errands?

Service networking they label themselves as.

I know I could use one anytime now to run errands on my behalf because the minute that I have the time to run my own errands, the shops are already closed — and this is why you shouldn’t join an advertising/exhibition/printing company if you’re a strictly 9-6 kind of person.

Btw, how did I find out about TaskRabbit? Because the idea struck me a few days back that I could probably start something like this (over here), and in my research today I found out that it’s already been started and running — and successfully too!

There’s a saying that goes “You’re never late unless you’re being told to do it.”

In my case, I think it’s “You’re just too late buddy!”

It happened a few years back when a thought struck me of an internet service that sends ‘surprise packages’ to anyone who wants to keep themselves surprised, and during my research I found SomethingStore who did exactly what I wanted to do AND they did it successfully and earlier than me.

What else have you thought of that could put a smile on someone’s face tomorrow only to find out that you’ve been beaten to it?

In this cut-throat world we all live in, I suppose you need to ship fast or risk being second and, unless second place is good enough for you, forever envy the pioneers of your market.

I guess that to ship, you need to navigate clear waters.

But I’ll be damned for I see an iceberg ahead of me (translation: my dayjob), and sometimes, you need to face the music (the iceberg) before your story becomes the next blockbuster and where, hopefully, lessons are learned and a better ship is made.

Who knows, your story might even inspire an act, or an actor towards an even greater story (*koff* Dicaprio: From Titanic to Inception. Brilliance at work.)