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Do you feel like you could use some extra time playing DOTA or the recently launched Starcraft II spending time with your children or loved ones and still be able to get your errands done on time, everytime?

Well did you knew that TaskRabbit could make your life easier by running errands for you — the best part being that you get to decide how much you’re willing to pay for a Rabbit someone to hop around for your errands?

Service networking they label themselves as.

I know I could use one anytime now to run errands on my behalf because the minute that I have the time to run my own errands, the shops are already closed — and this is why you shouldn’t join an advertising/exhibition/printing company if you’re a strictly 9-6 kind of person.

Btw, how did I find out about TaskRabbit? Because the idea struck me a few days back that I could probably start something like this (over here), and in my research today I found out that it’s already been started and running — and successfully too!

There’s a saying that goes “You’re never late unless you’re being told to do it.”

In my case, I think it’s “You’re just too late buddy!”

It happened a few years back when a thought struck me of an internet service that sends ‘surprise packages’ to anyone who wants to keep themselves surprised, and during my research I found SomethingStore who did exactly what I wanted to do AND they did it successfully and earlier than me.

What else have you thought of that could put a smile on someone’s face tomorrow only to find out that you’ve been beaten to it?

In this cut-throat world we all live in, I suppose you need to ship fast or risk being second and, unless second place is good enough for you, forever envy the pioneers of your market.

I guess that to ship, you need to navigate clear waters.

But I’ll be damned for I see an iceberg ahead of me (translation: my dayjob), and sometimes, you need to face the music (the iceberg) before your story becomes the next blockbuster and where, hopefully, lessons are learned and a better ship is made.

Who knows, your story might even inspire an act, or an actor towards an even greater story (*koff* Dicaprio: From Titanic to Inception. Brilliance at work.)