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According to a certain report from an online webby, it is such that…

The world’s most corrupt governments:
1. Somalia
2. Afghanistan
3. Myanmar

The world’s least corrupt governments:
1. New Zealand
2. Denmark
T3. Singapore
T3. Sweden

For the list which says the most corrupt, I shall not venture anywhere near their coasts.

For the list which says least corrupt.. ahhh, a few words, may I and let’s start from the bottom?

Sweden ties with Singapore in third place. If only this was the final teams’ positions in the South Africa 2010 World Cup, which some people in Singapore actually made an effort to commercialise it into a Goal 2010 event, which as we all know by know is merely a NATO event — not to be confused with the United Nations army thingy, here it stands for No Action Talk Only.

Anyway, sweet isn’t it that our country’s in third place and being the overly warm and welcomely people that we are, we even share the position with Sweden.

Hello Swedes. Abba rocks.

And then it goes up to Denmark, a country which is known for… wait, what is Denmark known for? Pardon my ignorance but I’ll crack my brains a bit here…. Carlsberg! Lego! Mermaid! Beautiful girls! Free hospitals!

Okay, with such wonderful assets, who’d even think of going corrupt?

But know why New Zealand is right there on top?

Because half the population are living overseas, thus not many people to leech off from being corrupt.

Anyway, whose report? Theirs.