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I’m quite shocked myself.

I simply haven’t been blogging much here these days.

That I kept coming into this blog’s dashboard, clicking new post, and then finding myself typing a few words (if only to ward off that imminent writer’s block) and finally succumbing to writer’s block.

It’s so hard to really write… stuffs, like coming out with a scam analysis (Zynga_Admin Scam / Bidpax Scam), ┬ámovie reviews (‘Probably the longest Avatar review ever‘ comes to mind) and the randoms that pop up every once in a while.

I’ve always been telling myself that to succeed in anything, one has to specialise and really focus onto that particular thing that one is hanging onto, and taking glimpse at this blog, I knew the time had come.

No, I’m not deleting it! Pfft, no where near that, but I’ve just managed to add a few more projects into the mix.

Precisely speaking though, I’m specialising my blogs! *Cue commotion (if any) and random blinks*

Have you seen Temasek Musings? Of course not. It’s not even around last weekend, but it is now. ; )

This is where I’ll probably have a blast in blogging about things that concerns and relates to being a Singaporean. Go ahead, give Temasek Musings a visit and add some pratasss into your life. *Okay so that pratasss was supposed to mimic ‘pizazzzzzz’. You know, a little bit of local flavour lah!*

And then there’s Googooboyy Sees Seethes, which is essentially blogging up my rants.

I know that I’ve a ‘Rants’ category here, but Googooboyy Seethes caters largely to the rants that’s for the sake of ranting for no reason, while over here, I’ll prabably cater to the rants that’s largely for the sake of ranting for at least one reason.

For example, a topic like ‘Jack Neo’s Affairs’ would probably go into a Temasek Musings’ post as ‘Why does a Chee Ko Pek’s actions deserves to be defended by our minister? Aren’t the ones suffering here the hormonally-charged girls who slept with married men?’.

And if really such a topic was to appear in Googooboyy’s Seethe’s post, it’ll probably appear with the title ‘Why not me?? What’s wrong with you girls? That guy’s <insert noun here> used for 50 years liao!

See my point? That topic like that simply has no place in this blog here, but my ‘specialised’ blogs might just cater to it nicely.

So back to the question of where have I been?

Temasek Musings and Googooboyy Seethes.

And no, I’ve not forgotten this lovely place here.

Cya around~