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Oh my, thought you’d never ask.


The now defunct MTTBWY has given way to TeeDojo, and I’m actually quite satisfied with everything that’s come out so far, even if I’ve not reaped my first $Million in sales, or even if I never reach that figure at all~

Just seeing that shopfront there, after many hours of labour, it’s just.. wow.

I know, I know, it’s just a small and simple set up, and that there really isn’t that much to look at, but I like it.

And with our government pumping $5.5 Billion into the economy, I’ve barely even scratched the surface of that treasure bag with this.

Now that this project is more or less settling down, time to look for a new one — considering now I have more time ever since Avatar (3D) isn’t showing that much at nearby local theatres.

Yup, I’m still reeling from that movie about cat-like, blue-bodied humanoids that rides on bad-ass birds.

Maybe I’ll start drawing and doodling.


Hmmmmmmnaaaaahh. Maybe I better not. = )

TeeDojo, butt-kicking tees!