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Do you check the mirror often?

My colleague, who sits in front of me, has a mini mirror sitting on her front desk, by the keyboards, and I can only guess how often she checks herself, but do you go to that extreme?

I mention extreme because the only time I’d give the mirror a proper check is when I’m shaving in the morning — and it’s only because I’ve found out for myself how dangerous it can be to shave without looking into a mirror — and that’s it. I’m a simple guy. Heh.

But today I had to take a good look at myself in the mirror again, because Karen said I looked 23! Good joke la ‘cos looking at a crazily grinning Mar in the toilet couldn’t quite convince me that it’s only been 23 years, but more of like a 32year old, who is grinning uncontrollably, like someone who’s had too many to drink and is beginning to think that he has just won a lottery!

Even my colleagues and customers at work can’t guess my age and often cite it to be a few years younger! *tripping* Maybe it’s the squeaky (yet, ahem, manly) voice that hides the years away??? Bah~ I don’t even think I look any younger than I am.

For the records, I don’t even feel young anymore and even the body begins to ache in places where years back it would recover almost instantly for example, after a soccer game, and especially after last Sunday’s Fico 5-a-side tournament with the Dragonscage boys. (Wooo~ We could’ve won the tournament if not for poor refereeing decisions. Btw, why does a losing team always blame the referees? Poor, pun intended, referees la~)

Anyway I’m quite good at guessing a person’s age so I guess others are just bad at guessing mine eh?

So tell me, what’s my age again?