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Jacen, his buddy and I have a plan. Or sort of. Come July, oh wait, its already 1st July! (Wow, time does travels…)

Ok, so I messaged him that perhaps we could get a jamming session somewhere in the middle of July. He recommended Coheed & Cambria’s ‘Feathers’ while I gave him my opinions on Sum 41’s ‘Over My Head’, which I’ve been practising for a very long time already.

(As I’m typing this, my orange cat is laying down onto my typing arms — how irritating and full of cuteness at the same time. And now she’s sitting on top of my mouse, sensing that I’m typing away and probably won’t be doing any clicking for some time.)

Anyway, I’d love to do a Linkin Park’s number but Chester’s range of vocal would probably leave me in a pile of drool before I can complete any of his songs. Sure I’ve done his numbers during KBox sessions but there’s a lot of difference from sitting and singing in the dark and strumming a guitar while singing at the same time! Try it, and I bet that it’s never easy figuring out what the next strumming chord is and the next lyrics are. So I’m still practising and thus far it’s been ok-ok only. I’ll probably need to practice more.

And then I’ve found out that an open invitation to a free movie can only dampen any practice session that I might have, like how Dal got me to watch Autopsy, a seriel killer thriller which I found to be comedic, at best. It’s a B-grade showing and despite the theatre sporting an almost full house (it was the smaller theatre at Shaw Lido) audience couldn’t help bursting into fits of laughter at all the wrong moments.

Indeed if there was any scare, it was during the first 15 minutes of the movie where audiences are probably less expecting of any shocker, but I think the majority girlly crowd added to the tense anxious, atmosphere of the movie where every dramatic sound effect is greeted with silent anticipation of another shocker — or comedic moment in my opinions. No disrespect to the director for it was an ‘ok-ok’ thriller but it failed to thrill me, unlike how Freddy Krueger used to scare me during my youthful era.

Oh well, I need to find something thrilling one of these days. Perhaps I might just pucker up, be silly, ignore any hesitations and give her a visit? I’d probably bring along a teddy bear too. Teddy bears are better  than flowers right? Or am I in the wrong era now? Anyway, before I choose between a Teddy and Flowers, I gotta pick more songs to practice! Hmmm.. what songs should I pick now? Nsync’s ‘This I Promise You’ or Wet Wet Wet’s ‘Love Is All Around’? Oooooh~