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Washed my bike yesterday. Washed it real clean. It rode home like a charm, smooth and speedy. Then it wouldn’t even start this morning. Pfft. What luck!

Then Man Yoo extended their league at the top to 8 points, about the same gap which they were behind Liverpool about a month ago, though the roles of the two teams have changed massively. What luck!

No one was supposed to be back in office today, so as my customer had to collect something urgently, I ceeded to return to open the doors and let him collect. As I reach office, almost everyone was there! Gaaaaah! What luck!

 But there’s been good events too! Like how I spent 1 and a half day mulling over the thoughtthat  I’ve lost my wallet only for it to be found by my colleague! It wasn’t just a wallet, it was a PICARD! I’ll probably have to starve a few weeks if I were to get it again. Phew. 

Then I registered my first goal for Skopets FC in the league game yesterday! It was too easy a game for us, and despite missing quite a lot of chances, we ran off 6-1 winners eventually.  Yeah!

And I think I’ll be registering my first Tee sale soon — a friend is buying ’em.  ; ) Ahhhhh.. Want some tees? May the tees be with you… *hint* *hint*..