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New DBH Website mentioned January 5th as a day of changes, but nothing much really happened then. I suppose that they took another month to put up the finishing touches to their spanking new layout. Better late than never rite?

I’ll definitely need some time to get used to it, cos I thought the old layout was much more accomodating to a user. The comments/feedback system has improved tremendously, and a FORUM has been included this time around. So much so that it closely resembles a souped up version of‘s  CMS style.

One notable difference would be the way shirts are displayed on their shopfront. The old layout portrayed different guys almost every time, but now it is discomfortingly the same fella all over again, for all the Men’s tees – albeit in different poses. Well at least for now there’ll be no more scrawny fella being showcased mercilessly!

 In summary, I guess that DBH may be changing or moving towards a social networking site of sorts, but nevertheless, the exquisite and brilliant tee designs that are born there will hopefully continue to captivate and mesmerise tee junkies like me.