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How fitting it is that the showdown in the finals of this year’s UEFA Champions League will feature the year’s contendors for FIFA Player of the year. 

Indeed Christiano Ronaldo has already pipped Lionel messi to the title but critics will argue that Messi is a much more worthy holder of that title — as reflected in his performances this Barcelona season.

A few days back Ronaldo showcased his brilliant talent as he almost single-handedly crushed Arsenal’s dream, capped by a wonderful and delectable 41yard screamer of a freekick.

This boy has immense ability and talents, no doubt about it, but unfortunately he also has this cursed ability to remain silent and anonymous especially when the referee isn’t on his side, unlike previous winners of Player of The Year, who justify that tag with world class performances week in and week out.

Still I’ll be expecting a spectacle come May 27th, as Barcelona entertain Manchester United, who are on their second successive Final appearance and determined on defending their status as champions of Europe.

Even though Ronaldo VS Messi will steal the headlines approaching this game, I reckon the game itself will be bigger than these 2 wonderful footballers, and exquisite passing, swift counter attacks and beautiful goals will dominate the morrow’s headlines instead.

Though I would have loved to see Liverpool VS Barcelona instead, this is arguably the next best thing. Game on.