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Okay, that seemed a bit harsh isn’t it? But to not twit or tweet (much like the twit twit sounds made by a bird in excitement, or maybe just because it’s mating.)  isn’t really the right question that one should be asking.

Most people I know are familiar and immersed in Facebook, which can be described as twitter on steroids — and like anything on steroids, it can become unmanageable at times. Me? I think its a chore to log into facebook, though I log in sometimes, if only to see if there’s anything new to digest.

But twittering is a different drug altogether. Unlike most web apps which I try out and forget after a while, I find that the network that I’ve accumulated on the service provides me with enough dose every hour or so to find out something new from my counterparts, or from people whom I’ve opt to follow, just because I think they’re got interesting inputs now and then. Its like someone is standing on a podium and blurting out randoms and you choose to follow them. Thats it, its just information sharing, but at its best.

And yes, once in a while there is that ‘I just woke up and wet my bed” updates, but its rare when compared to the life-whoring updates on facebook. Plus there’s too many adverts and distractions on Facebook that its more of a turn-off to any productivity. In fact someone did a research that the more time you spend on facebook, the dumber you get (i.e your grades fall off!). I can’t recall the link though. =/

So who wins in this comparison? Twitip summarises the potential best. It likened Facebook to the Lycos and Excite giants of not so long ago, and Twitter to Google, which is fast, simple, efficient and kind. Ever wondered what happened to Lycos and Excite?

Will you twitter, or wither?