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How rarely will you give up a chance?

How rarely will you give up an opportunity?

How rarely will you give up a sliver of hope peeking through a shroud of gloom?

Why won’t you “take it.. and go.”?

When it’s knocking on your door for a second time, do you let it pass and hope for a third coming?

What happened yesterday, is for today’s lesson and tomorrow’s preparation.

I tripped.

Then again, I tripped.

I hope I won’t trip again.

I thought I’d be safe and able to distance myself, to not wade into deeper waters, but I guess I’m still as accomodating and gullible as ever.

Maybe it’s because I was born in the year of the dog, and sometimes I think that I’m no different from a dog.

Throw a stick out and I’ll gladly chase it down.

On my paws, I’ll wag my tail and hope for a cookie to be thrown my way.

I’ll roll over, play dead and jump through rings of fire, whatever.

But l promise my loyalty and pledge allegiance, come what may.

I know I would, given the chance, given the opportunity, and given the sliver of hope.

Well, I was, wasn’t I? At least I thought I was. Wait a minute, wasn’t I?

Arrrgh, these questions bug me, like an 8 year old that’s tormenting the candy store auntie by asking her “which one is nicer?” for the 67th time, because the child can’t decide between a honey coated chocolate bar and a rainbow lollipop.

Maybe I should not chase the stick, this time? Maybe I should stop hoping? Maybe I should resist lingering?

Or maybe I should simply stop asking, and let it be?

I’d really hate to trip and lose someone dear, all over again.

But that’s what growing up is all about right?

So should I risk it or should I whisk it?

Should I risk it or whisk it?

What should I do???


Gee.. now, where’s a candy store auntie when you need one?