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Jacky and John are brothers, and if you’ve known the history of this blog’s early posts, together with me, we founded Jacky Printing in 2007.

Well it’s 2015 now and John has been steadily running his own printshop, while Jacky has been steadily restarting his own, and me?

Good question.

So anyways, today is the day I met John after months of us being busy with our own setup, and it was indeed a good catch up, just like old times.

You see, John had called me to assist with his printshop’s networking setup, which I rectified gladfully after running a few tests, tweaking a few details and sprucing up the PCs and Macs  — just like how I did 5.5years ago — and I did it again today because I wanted to and I kinda miss our old conversations.

So yeah, 5.5 years did flash by indeed, and what have I been doing huh, or a better question would be ‘Where am I after all these years?’

Both John and I asked the same, while I shrugged and sighed while sharing a bit of the past, present and future.

A future plan was what I told him of and indeed I’m going to be intentional about it, because just minutes ago, another John had inspired, motivated, and he advices to be living life intentionally.

This ‘other’ John is John C Maxwell, and if you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve heard of the name before but was never really aware of what he does, or who he is even.

Well, today I found out, accidentally of course, and I’m glad I had the chance to have met John C Maxwell for the first time, and I think he is arguably THE best speaker on earth right now.

How good a speaker? How about 12,000-speeches-under-his-belt-over-50-years-and-sold-25-million-books and still as humble-as-a-pie good? ** I’m not even sure if that pie figurative line is accurate or apt?

Yes he IS that good, and after watching him for the first time on youtube with his ‘5 levels of leadership’ video, I got sucked into an hour long video of his “15 Laws of Growth” video, of which he only shared 3.

That’s right, he only shared 3 out of 15 and expended 1 hour doing so, mesmerising and motivating incessantly along the way.

And if you’d know of his 5 levels of leadership, he’s got me hooked on Level 5.

He has my Respect as a leader.

Anyways, here are his 3 laws out of 15:

Be warned, you might just get motivated and start being intentional with your life.