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I confess.

I did it.

And I’m not sure, between me and my bro, of whom will be grinning the widest.

You see with my joining into the venture (<rant>oh no, not another venture and entry into my neverending to-do lists!!!</rant>), my bro has more than recouped his initial investments for the year. To top it off for him, I think I might just be copywriting his blog a little for it to appear that little bit more pleasing and friendly.

Hermy's blog over at myspace: Earn while you sleep...

By the way, don’t ask me why, but I enjoy helping honest people. So check out my bro’s blog over at myspace, if you may kindly do so — It’s a ‘cute’ post from him and I’m sure he’ll need a few help along the way, which I’ll gladly offer anytime.

So, and a very big so that is, I’ve squeezed the cheese from my shrinking dough1 and now that the vehicle has arrived I’ll just have to prepare the gears and get them moving, which I failed to after DOTA-ing the previous night away.

And, a very big and that is, I have plenty of reasons to believe that tonight might go down the same way if I don’t keep Bangau busy with something, and right now I think I’ll give him the joy of categorising some tees and work on their photos.

What tees? What photos? What vehicle? What what? Haha.. nah, I think I’ll save the sneak preview for some other time cos I wouldn’t wanna steal my bro’s thunder from this post. Don’t forget to check out his very simple blog okay!? A million thanks in advance from me. For now.

1squeezed the cheese from my shrinking dough: A flour mixture that’s shrinking in size after cheese has been extracted. Yeah right. Actually I just said that to refer to my budget deficit for the month. Bah~