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Thanks to smashing magazine’s ‘How To Find Time For… Everything!‘ article,  I guess it sort of reminded me of the things that I should take not of while trying to get things done.

Despite the article sharing 16 extremely useful tips, I think there’s a few that I can add to it, being:

i) Write down anything that you think that’s worth remembering.
I think trying to remember notes/events/stuffs just by using your memory can be a very bad thing that haunts you a little bit later in the future. Eg — like if you’ve just changed your gmail password, write it down. Don’t assume your super genius memory is able to remember the new password when you wake up in the morning. If it’s worth remembering, just write it down somewhere. THIS is definitely a life saver.

Btw, Google has given me the green light to reset my password so I’m back to checking my mails again. Finally, yeah!!!

ii)  Work away from distractions. Switch off that handphone, radio or TV.
While this isn’t a lifesaver, it’s definitely a time saver. You wouldn’t want to get distracted by your surrounding while you’re entranced in your work. Okay, maybe not just work as this can truly apply to a student who’s studying even. Work away from distractions. It’s that simple. It really helps you to focus this way.

iii) Mindset. Tell yourself that you can do it (manage time), and JUST DO IT. DO SOMETHING!
Many times most of us, which even I used to be guilty of back then, fail to give ourselves due credit or belief that we are able to execute the project or job on hand promptly. Honestly how many times do we react to a given project or task and immediately tell ourselves just what a big piece of sh*t mountain there is to climb? I mean, why can’t we just take it with open arms and instead of moaning, immediately set out an action plan to get the job done, whether or not there’s enough time or not, we must decide on the next course of actions asap.

I think this is very very commonly and gultily seen at my workplace whereby where something crops up, the first thing that comes to mind is who to blame for the mistakes/occasion. Sheesh. People can be so paranoia about this at times. Why not just settle the freaking thing and finger blame later? Complete the project first, complaint later, has been my motto and I’ve not much to complain about, really.

So there you go, me adding some stuffs to an already extremely useful list of time management guide found on smashing magazine. Cheers~!