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What’s up with that dude at the counter at FICO sports hub tonight?

I mean, he could have left one of the lights on, instead of leaving the players in pitch darkness, whom were still packing their stuffs and trying to go back.

It’s just poor service, if you ask me. Like what’s wrong with leaving one light on for visibility’s sake?

If that fella was an animal, I’m betting that he’d be a tiger, all jumpy and snaring and just not friendly, for a service staff that is.

Maybe it’s his New Year holidays and he’s having to work?

Nevertheless pouncing upon us vulnerable players, whom actually PREPAID the courts for usage, and enveloping us in the dark is just not acceptable.

I guess, if he really was a tiger, he’d be an extinct one.

Anyway, earlier in the day, I kind of woke earlier than expected, and after a few days of procrastinating, got to see Avatar (3D) again.

And boy was I shocked to see the reception at the ticket counter, the theatres are almost full, and this for a movie that’s into it’s 9th week of running.

1PM show at Shaw Lido

This was the ticketing response for the 1pm slot at Shaw Lido, and this snapshot was taken at 11am!

Must be the CNY holidays that’s triggering this response.

3pm Shaw Lido

This was the response for the 3pm slot.

8pm Shaw Lido

And this was for the 8pm slot.

I got the 1pm slot, so that by late afternoon I’d be free to wander around the area, perhaps to search for the elusive belt or new pair of socks.

And boy was the theatre packed then, not with locals, but Koreans, Japanese, Ang Mohs and other nationalities that made up a quite a portion of the crowd.

Judging by their response during in-show scenes, they definitely weren’t repeat customers like I was, cos they gasped, ooh-ed, sighed and got amused generously — which goes to show that it was their first intake of the Avatar experience.

As for me, nothing surprising anymore, maybe ‘cos I managed to soak all the emotions within. Tough guy image here huh~

I’m not surprised that it’s taken them 9 weeks to see it for themselves, and with the Oscars coming up, I bet that many more might be tempted to give Avatar (3D) a go, since it’s one of the forerunners in the race for Best Picture.

Though I’m still surprised that there are many articles that’s taking a dig at Jame’s Cameron’s showpiece, and as if the Billions of dollar don’t already tell enough, these detractors (in the minority) of the movie just won’t rest until it gets the Oscar snub.

But will AMPAS snub Avatar?

If you asked me, I’m betting that they won’t. Maybe I’m just feeling tigerish but the¬†odds are pretty good. = )