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Just getting the sneak preview tickets for the hottest show on earth right now was glorifyingly satisfying. Watching it felt like attaining a sense of accomplishment, likened to a climber that’s reached the climax of Everest or a Decepticon that’s dived the depths of the deepest sea trench. It felt goooooooood!

But heading back to work at 11pm and not being able to spend more time chatting with Dils after the show was disappointing. Work sucks. Not till the clockhands struck 3am did I finally and groggily rode home, accompanied by the cold silent expressway wind and haunted by the next day’s task at hand. Dils, I would’ve sent you home if not for the work at hand requiring my immediate attention!! ¬†(Oh, and had I known you were on a orientation dinner of some sorts, I’d pick another timing lo!)

Anyway, I think I dreamt of the movie. Well either that or I didn’t dream of anything. Strangely I vividly recall the battle scene between Optimus Prime and the 3 Decepticons (note that it is not deceptions as some blindly blog them as). Optimus Prime died la. Lol. What a spoiler right? I love soilers spoilers. Anyway the battle seemed epic. Till he died. Why must they fight and kill each other?

From all the Transformers cartoon that I’ve watched, I finally understood who Prime stood for and what drove the Autobots to earth, but I still don’t understand why Decepticons want to tear the Autobots apart. I also finally understood that there are girls that can look really hot in really short shorts, and not appear really slutty or fugly at all. Megan Fox rules!

But the show wasn’t all about Megan as it was the Robots who finally stole the show this time round. Battles were aplenty and typical of Michael Bay, the adrenalin is made to pump within the first 10 minutes, setting the pace and the plot alight. Typical of Hollywood as well that the visuals and sound effects were mind-bogglingly astounding. Like swimming in the middle of a ¬†fireworks explosion. And you’re dressed in your birthday suit. Yippee!

The movie’s pace picks up frenetically and the plot swirls around amidst candid dialogues and scenes. There’s enough weight in the storyline to keep you on your seats but there’s just as many twists/loopholes to throw you off too. But when you lose track of the plot, either 1) enjoy watching machines transform or 2) girls in short shorts. So to me it felt racy-pacy and everything was just too quick while some scenes were just too long — like the part where the army was luring the Decepticons into some sort of a trap or an air attack, which promptly leads us into the emotional, teary (for some perhaps) and slow-motioned scenes. Draggy and patriotical. Typical, typical Hollywood.

But Transformers 2 is nothing like your typical movie. There’s just something about machines that come to life and fight and talk that makes it extra special. Sure, something like Lord of The Rings was grand and magnificient, but Transformers was mesmerising, captivating, alluring and I dare say stupefying too . I probably won’t be wishing that I was Frodo climbing Mount Doom but I certainly don’t mind dreaming about owning a car that changes into a giant robot, and ahem, having a sidekick/long distance girlfriend that’s as hot as a kitchen stove on rocket fuel.

Damn. Now I just wished that I could somehow find an AllSpark to make my fireblade transform. Would I then ever land a super-screaming-hot brunnette then? Come to think about it, I just had an encounter with a more-than-ample-substitute-for-Megan-fox brunnette, or someone I’d refer to as AS, recently in one of the events installations that I covered recently. She’s cute, smart, witty, petite, cute, smart, witty, pettite, cute, smart, witty, petite and speaks my language too! Tick tock tick tock.. God I love this line I’m in.

Oh ya, back to Transformers 2 now.

Good show. Really good show. Bloody good show. Super definitely surely one helluva orgasmic good show la. I have to catch it one more time to absorb everything again or I think I might just explode.

Tick tock.. tick tock…