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In addition to my previous post, the Fishvatar, I do have a couple of projects currently hanging on the edge off my sleeves, as well as those that have rolled off, fell over after a few mesmerising turns in mid air, and then dropped dead., one of my tee shirt websites, is now defunct, no thanks to an uninspiredly inspiring year of too many projects, all concurrently in operations and the lack of attention given to it.

Much like a child, when presented with a mountain of sweets, that will attempt to pocket everything that he can within his tiny frame and tiny bags, only to succumb to an unrealised joy that is to never taste the sweets ‘cos he’s just too busy collecting them, sifting them apart and wondering what he can do with them.

Never understimate the usefulness of a plan, a schedule or a timeframe/deadline, and even though I had those in place, I never adhered to them and was always distracted elsewhere.

It’s what happens when one tries to launch off the runway too many projects all at once, and especially when resources are limited.

But it’s good when one’s resources are limited and running low, becuase only then will one realise how to maximise their potential and learn to adapt with whatever one’s got.

Perhaps it’s something I’ll never truly grasp or learn fully, ‘cos I’m off to a couple of new projects already, and I’m running low in my tank so fast, so soon. -- Make The Bond (Make The Bond), my latest obescenely overpowering obsession pet project, my fresh inspirations of Avatar, and perhaps everything about it that the show’s message embodies.

Okay, maybe the description ‘everything about it’ isn’t quite right as it’s still in its infancy stages and its content is still building slowly, but the good news is that it’s building still.

And that’s where i realise my past misapprehension of my projects’ undertakings, where I left my daily operations to chance instead of grabbing them by the balls and running around with them. -- Butt Kicking WordPress Hosting

So that is why for this one, I’m definitely grabbing it by its balls, if it had any, and (Butt-Kicking WordPress Hosting) is probably going to take most of my attention for the new year as I try to give it more exposure and mojo than any of my previous projects.

Know anyone who needs web hosting, domain names registration or is simply unhappy with their blogging platform? *Nudge-Nudge*.

Still everytime something new crops up, I ask myself “Why am I painstakingly doing all these, when I can simply sit back, relax, and simply live from paycheck to paycheck forever?”

I suppose, its the joy of creating new opportunities, exploring unknown territories and maybe just to feel the rush of leading through it all makes me tick from day to day, even if it means to sacrifice my time spent with people that I love and cherish — but these are all hedges for future rainy days.

Ultimately, I guess I’m just plain bored of going through the motion of surviving from paycheck to paycheck, and aiming to build something, where (hopefully) the sooner it takes off, the better.

Will it ever take off? I don’t know, but I’ll work at it.

Here’s a quote that I admire for being purposeful and forceful at the same time, and to anyone who’s been sitting on the fence, contemplating a change(s), then hope this will sway you a little bit.

“When taking shots, you may score and you may miss. But for certain, you will miss every shot that you never take.” — Wayne Gretsky.

I don’t think these were the exact words he used, but you’ll understand it just the same, so good luck for your 2010 endeavours!