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They said: Alcohol helps cut heart disease risk for men: study

So I say: That these men are intoxiated, happy, obnoxious and thus no stress at all. That’s why no heart disease.

… and then …

They said: Tech Economy in the Hands of Nude Entrepreuners (A Calendar featuring tech geeks instead of .. the professionals.)

So I say: And that’s a bad thing? Oh come on!

… next …

They said: Google Offers Peek at Operating System, a Potential Challenge to Windows

So I say: Bye bye M$ campaign. Okay, Windows 7 quite promising and not too bad, but a Chrome OS, based loosely simlar to the Chrome Web Browser, is a welcomed promise for me. I love the Chrome browser for it’s extreme (and unrivalled) speed and usability, but until the OS launches, it’s still just a promise.

… and finally..

if you’ve ever lay in bed and wished that the living room TV could serenade you to sleep, then here’s your wish come true.

TV on Bedpost