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Never ever leave your toilet paper unguarded when you’re asleep.

The Aftermath

Or this happens.

Especially when you have 2 cats in the room, ‘sleeping’ with you, as evident by this picture above, greeting me in the morning as I woke from slumber.

Definitely not a ‘good morning to you’ kind of scene to wake up to.

I think from now onwards I better have a security camera installed to have a good recollection of what goes on at night in my room, a la Paranormal Activity (the movie) although in this case I’d have to categorise this is ‘A Normal Activity’ instead.

Cats in Denial

Really, it’s no use asking a cat who messed it all up. They’ll simply ignore you.

Worst, they’ll rub their heads against your leg and beg for food instead.

Anyway, why do I have a feeling that my orange feline was the real culprit?

Bad kitty..