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The titanic sank, even though thousands believed that it was unsinkable, but too bad they saw the iceberg late.

There wasn’t any iceberg at Goodison park but a similar kind of sinking feeling reeks.

Everton thrashed, humbled, massacred, guillotined, outplayed, outwitted, outhungered, and defeated Liverpool, and is in 11th place instead of 18th, after lashing two goals past hapless Reina and Co.

I’m thrilled, ecstatic, delighted, rhapsodic, enraptured, spellbounded and enlightened — not.

I wrote  a piece on Roy Hodgson’s post-match wrap-ups, and I’m not impressed that he’s taking a nonchalant attitude towards it.

It’s like when your child barely passing his exams and you say “Not bad, good job.”

And when someone points out that he nearly fails, you deflect the blame from you saying you have no idea how it happened and that he should have performed better.

Wouldn’t a better reaction be to accept your failures or shortcomings as a parent or guiding mentor and then taking actions to make things better?

Bloody hell, that child needs protection, guidance and leadership and all it gets is “He should have done better” ?

Dear Roy, if accumulating losses equates to “my team’s best performance and we did well” then Liverpool FC is in dire need of a more ambitious manager.

Why the hell did they sack Rafa, who so happens to lead his team at the top of Serie A currently?

Bring Rafa (Or Dalglish) back, or at least his winning ways, otherwise I see a Red ship that’s sinking slowly, and nothing is being done about it.

Tell me, what do you do with an architect that designs poorly, an engineer that constructs with his angles mistaken or a surgeon that operates the wrong areas?

I’ll get real, that the ship is sinking, but the lifebuoys and lifeboats aren’t even being prepared for deployment.

I really hate to say this: Congrats Everton, the better team won. and will probably stay up.