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As my 2 cats slept nonchalantly on the mat that I initially laid for myself, I couldn’t bare to chase them away from their slumber — even if they were just a pair of adorable cats on a mat, becuase these creatures are more than just friends.

I wonder what I’ll be going through if age catches up to them, and everybody knows that domesticated cats don’t live a long as humans do, though those that do probably look more like a cow than a cat.

It’s true.

baa baa cat

Told you.

Anyway, who knows how long cats are able to live, especially with that 9 lives of theirs.

But we humans have just one chance to live our lives, and this, truly, makes everything worth living for.

Making friends, chasing dreams, and living life as much as we can, is all that we can really do right?

Or do we mull and gloss over our problems, spend time worrying and tax ourselves calculating incessantly?

What if you knew tomorrow isn’t ever gonna come and you had only one thing left to do?

Of course, all these I’m merely hypothetically suggesting, but what if?

Would you recluse in regret or live vindicated knowing that there’s nothing else that needs to be done, because you’ve done all that you can?

No, I can’t tell the future nor read minds, but I know that if there’s something I wish to do, somewhere I hope to be, or someone I yearn to spend time with then I’d do it, go there, or let them know.

Or at least try to, before considering alternatives.

Life is short, noone needs reminding but somehow everyone seems to forget that it is, and we procrastinate and let things be hoping it’ll get better tomorrow.

But why leave till tomorrow what you can get done today?

And are you pretty sure that tomorrow’s going to be a better day?

Well for your sake, I hope so too, and that you’ll never stop dreaming, never stop hoping and never stop trying.

Try. Hope. Work at it.

Who knows, instead of predicting the future, you could probably write it yourself.