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Remember Compaq? No it’s not a sanitary pad or a football team, but if that’s what you thought it was, then definitely it requires an introduction here.

You see, Compaq is a long forgotten computer brand, which began around my secondary school days, which was a really long time ago.

It was THE brand that you had to have, at the time as compared to the IBMs or the DATAMINIs, but one thing for sure, after HP acquired the immensely popular brand somewhere early in this century, it never received the popularity it once attained.

But HP is jump-starting the Compaq brand with ultra cheap machines now!

Wait a minute, don’t it cost as little as a netbook, even though it’s more powerful?

Then again, cheap laptops like these have actually been around if one knows where to look for them, but HP has just made them more accessible.

Bigger screens, comes with a DVD drive, with a lot more storage and much larger keypads, at the same price!

These pros make it sound like a winner already.

Still it is heavier, bulkier, and probably won’t look as pretty or as cool as an Acer Aspire One or the original Asus EeePC!

Anyway, you weigh the options and the pros and cons, but in any case, Compaq is nevertheless slated for a comeback — not that it’s ever gone though~

My thoughts: I’m still loving my netbooks. Tiny, pretty, lightweight, lasts way longer than a normal laptop, don’t get nowhere near as hot as a laptop does and probably looks cooler when ported around too, especially while working on a macdonald’s table, munching on small fries and small coke on hours’ ends too. Looks really good when ported around while on a photography gig as well!