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Really, I don’t know what to update on. Been reading too much news lately and brain’s a little fried, I guess.

Lets see….

1. Scored a nice chip at the weekend, to kick-off Skopets’ inaugural season in the 3rd division of D2DSports’ League. The opponents were young and menacing, but they couldn’t sustain their pressure and their youthful exteriors.  We ran out 4 goals to nothing victors. Good win!

2. DC is back! After a few weeks of dismal attendance, the crowd is gathering again. The record wins-in-a-row still remains intact though. 

3. Garena’s DOTA ladder will reset today, and its back to square one for everyone. Gotta DOTA (ladder) frequently now.

4. Jack (my black kitteh) loves gnawing at Mama’s artificial flower arrangements, and she squeals when she found out that the water/fluid on those leaves aren’t really dew.  What do you think? Mama then gave Jack a mouthful of words, which she (Jack) tried meowing to protest in vain.

5.  Akon does have some good grooves goin on. Listening to Beautiful at the moment. Sweeeeeeeet!

6. No Liverpool games, so the weekend sucked partly. Liverpool plays against Klayhead’s beloved Arsenal tomorrow morning. No guessing who’s gonna win there. ARSENAL WILL LOOOOOOOooooOOOoooOOOooooOOOOooose!!!! Thanks in advance for agreeing with me. Xie xie, xie xie.

Hmmm, seems that there isn’t any block after all. = )