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Any avid RTS gamer would be familiar with the term ‘Tank Rush’, where it’s the most basic of ploys employed by novice to intermediate players, and to a certain extent the ‘experts’ as well, to quickly overwhelm the opposition very early in the game.

A tank rush will aim to end the competition within the first ten minutes of the game — where beginners are the most susceptible to this tactic, of which they’ll soon learn to adopt it against their next challengers — and if you survive the early onslaught, then chances are that you’ll go on to win the game.

Well it felt like it was a tank rush at work today, but it was no game and I even almost gave a customer the hair-dryer treatment had he stayed any longer and demanded any further.

Because sometimes emotions get the better of us, like how I vented the day’s tension out on my little Sister when I sms-ed her that she’s got to start ‘acting like a responsible adult if she wants to be treated as one’.

In retrospect, all she did was to tell me that she’s afraid of letting Mum and Dad know that she’s sleeping over at her friend’s, because they’ll scold her.


Ahhh, the power of a child trying to earn her parent’s acceptance can be underestimated it seems.

Well sometimes you have to face the music and take it on the chin, girl.

But don’t take too much on the chin or you’ll end up looking like this:

chubby Mar

My chin’s swollen already. (Actually that pic is manipulated using a colleague’s iPhone app.)

And so I was, bombarded left, right and center with an endless stream of calls, fussy walk-in customers, overdue artwork preps as well as the sourcing for a new designer, chaotic seems mild a word for how the day went.

I’d secretly wish that the telephone was never invented, but that’ll mean that I won’t be able to receive Belle’s calls and that’s just disastrous! Not that we talk much these days — and I wonder why.

But did I mention that my company will be expanding to a new location as well? I guessed I didn’t.

Indeed, and that’s why chaotic is too mild a word for it all, but I’ll dive under the crest and ride the troughs of this pandemic wave of workload and just go with the flow.

Just like surviving a tank rush in an RTS game, rise through the chaos and you’ll give yourself a chance at winning.

But you don’t have to be like me and stay at work and reach home at 2am because you’re racing against a tank rush.

Me, I’m just work obssessed like that, but the real reason I had to continue working till the wee hours as my colleague wasn’t feeling well and she had to leave early, which meant that nearly all turrets were aimed my way today.

BUT, as it turned out, working till past 1am today had it’s rewards, as a different kind of tank rush appeared right before my eyes.

As I rode out of the office carpark, I notice that there was this impressive, huge rumbling noise and as I was about to leave the vicinity, a Cisco officer halted me, but he really didn’t have to.

A near endless line of army tanks, rovers, trucks, lorries artilleries marched in front of me, and all these at 1am plus!

I’d imagine a nearby HDB dweller wondering what all the ruckus was all about, and probably curse at the noise, as how 90% of Singaporeans tend to whenever they’re interrupted in their sleep.

Anyway, so there I was, on my bike, with my helmet on, ready to ride home but obstructed by a long line of army vehicles, that glistened under the moonlight as they roared by.

Was this a glimpse of the National Day parade?

Or is this something to do with a certain YOG event being held at the Jalan Besar Stadium, which is just a few blocks away from my office?

I really wasn’t sure, but whatever it was, it was a tank rush that I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing all over again.

And in a sweet way, it reminded me of my BMT (Basic Military Training) days.

It’s really late now, I should get some sleep right?

I somehow sense another tank rush tomorrow.. hais…