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(This post was actually written on Wednesday, 11th August, just to get the dates and time into perspective as you’re reading this. What began in the wee hours of the morning, reaches conclusion tonight, as I’m listening to Eminem’s Love The Way You Lie. I’m just saying.)

I should probably be asleep right now but i just can’t help but think of the stuffs that I talked of earlier with a very special friend, of topics, which most people would touch on at least once in their life but then come to forget all about it.

Here’s to hoping that the talks don’t go that way – forgotten.

Right or wrong is subjective, and it all depends on one’s perception and knowledge, but most importantly the motive and needs of whoever you’re talking and discussing with.

Who am I to say which is which and what paths you need to take, and who am I to judge on behalf of your judgements?

Now all I can do is to express opinions, my own judgements, concerns and motives, of which you did fairly asked, what my motives were early on.

Indeed, motive is a very important issue that needs to be tackled and tackled well by any parties that plan to get involve within anything.

Without motive, one is merely a passenger riding along, enjoying the scenery while others pull the bus along.

Without motive, one wakes up in wonderment and tired, and tends to drift away distracted.

Motive is the vitamin that keeps thing going — but wait, there’s a better drug than motive, which kickstarts things, brings up new events and most important of all, challenging you to tackle, and head on if you have to, any daunting obstacles.

I said that there’s a better drug than the vitamin, motive.

Motive is temporary, but this drug is permanent.

This is a drug that defines the good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s the drug that sets how you set out your lifepath.

But no, it’s not sold over the counters nor prescribed by doctors.

This drug is… inspiration.

Inspiration is the drug that defines you as a person and sets the characteristics that makes you up.

I think my friend was inspired in one way or another to dive deeper after barely scratching the surface of the design industry.

She’s conceptually talented, able to think outside the box, tackle on broad ideas, and in short, she’s driven.

That’s what inspiration does, it drives you forward, shifts up your gear and brings you to new places and experiences.

Motivation gets you worked up for the day, and maybe the week, but inspiration gets you worked up for the rest of your life.

Inspiration, it brings about a new meaning to life itself, and creates something out of nothing as you chase something, something intangible, something out of the ordinary, something that’s perceived as useless or wasted by most.

Well that’s just because they aren’t as inspired right?

Inspiration is the drug that wakes you up in the morning, in full anticipation for tomorrow, even though yesterday bore no fruitions. Yet.

Inspiration is the catalyst that makes the negative turn positive, the pessimists into optimists, and keeps you moving when everything else stalls.

Inspiration makes you realise that some things are near impossible, but that it’s never too much being wasted on which you’re going after.

I’m thankful that I’ve been inspired when I was younger but even more fortunate that I continually get inspired with every passing day.

Thankfully too I’m sane enough to know that I’m still nowhere near reaching my goals and my dreams, but I’m inspired enough to also know that that’s no reason to stop whatever it is that I’m doing.

Because I know for sure how I’m not going to achieve whatever it is that I’m trying to achieve.

And that’s to do nothing meaningful.

So.. are you going to do something soon?