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Not since the former Dragonscage days have I woke earlier than 9am on a Sunday morning.

Heck, I don’t even wake earlier than 9am on weekdays when I go to work, but last Sunday morning, I woke extra early to prepare myself for a unique soccer game.

I woke at 7.30am, and that is indeed newsworthy, for me.

It was my maiden game with Andi’s health sciences lab friends, and no they’re not mice, but they’re rather nice.

They’re a bunch of professors, staff workers, and lab assistants of NUS, and Andi roped me in for the day to help out with the numbers.

It was a really good game, imho, but we lost 12-0! Oh well, it happens some times.

Despite the damning loss, the waking up early thingy and morning exercise seemed to have riled me up for the rest of the day, as I furiously scribbled and doodled on my notebook, the paper and pen kind, and tried to put my thoughts into ink.

Pretty soon, ink turned into punching my keyboards for almost half a day and though the idea have been lingering with me for a few weeks now, I’ve very much procrastinated in taking actions all these while.

Playing Zynga Poker on facebook took much of my time, in previous weeks, and so did distractions like updating of blogsĀ here, here and here.

But that afternoon, that lovely Sunday afternoon, somehow I managed to finish in a day, what I’ve been delaying for weeks. is reborn, and reconstructed after countless massive surgical operations, and I’m actually quite happy with it.


Not so much of trying to promote the site, but more of hustling on the point that whenever you feel like you’re not going anywhere or not producing anything..


Go ahead, take that first step of writing something down, or drawing something up, and who knows what it might lead to.

In fact, I didn’t even plan to finish the website, but merely to conjure more ideas and directions that it can go.

It clicked for me, and I know it’ll click for you too.

So if you feel like you’re stuck, as if there’s nothing going on for you, take action.

Do something, instead of grumbling or whining, and simply challenge yourself to make a difference.

Writing things down on paper, that won’t hurt.

Brainstorming for solutions, that won’t hurt.

Taking little actions, bit by bit and one step at a time, that certainly won’t hurt.

Do you know, if you gave a mouse a really big piece of juicy cheese, how it will finish eating that really big piece of juicy cheese?

One bite at a time.

Sometimes you just have to take little actions and things will click in place.

So, despite losing by a huge margin in that soccer game, I’m sure I gained invaluable new friends and possibly regular Sunday morning games.

Hmmm.. I wonder if they’ll ever need a website.