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Don’t we all lament on the predicaments, or curveballs, that life throws our way?

Always, only two things will result from this.

1) They choose to add colourful verbal adjectives to match their predicaments and continuously rack up the ‘bad luck’..


2) They choose to work real hard to change their fortunes, come what may.

Out of 10 persons that I know, perhaps as many as 1 person chose to change their own fortunes.

To their credit, they’re always happier, not just with themselves, but also with their surrounding environment and situation.

It’s not that hard to recognise them, cos in fact, you’re naturally drawn to them.

These are the ones who accept any inadequacies that they have, and work on their strengths and live life knowing how lucky they are to be born into this world.

What happened to the other 9, that feels that they’re consistently unlucky, that they wish they’re born into a rich family or something like that?

Or perhaps wishing that they’re born to another family, in another time, in another place.

Some of us are born lucky, while some are lucky to be born.

One of the statement, we can’t choose, but the other we can choose to embrace its intent.

I’m bloody lucky to be born, so what about you — which shoe do you choose to walk with?