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Quick Trivia: Where and when will the next edition of the FIFA World Cup take place at?

But first, football really is a game about luck ain’t that so?

Might as well get the two coaches to come together, toss a coin and whoever gets it right wins.

Think of all the troubles that hundreds of thousands of fans, who’ve spent a fortune travelling to a faraway land and getting their ears blared with Vuvuzuelas, would have saved.

But when you come down to it all, it’s really about the satisfaction and pride that one achieves to encapsulate through sheer grit, incessant effort and that insatiable hunger for a win.

Oh, and that never give up attitude sure helps.

Some get it by raising their children through thick and thin, steering them towards a well-to-do life.

Some feel it through their philanthropic personality, via means of teaching and charity.

And some earn it over 650 minutes of gruelling football, like the Spanish team this morning, winning their inaugural World Cup trophy.

Congratulations to Spain and Iniesta especially for clinching the championship, and in exreme style too.

But what-if Robben had scored during one of his driving runs through the Spanish backline?

What if Germany had chose to play offensively instead of defensively?

What if Cardozo had scored Paraguay’s Penalty during the quarterfinals?

As I dissect the world cup’s success stories bit by bit, it’s clear to me that all the what-ifs combined, really, mean nothing at all.

You don’t want to live the next chapter of your lifestory and begin it with a ‘What-if’.

Try asking the Dutch players about it.

Spain taught us a humbling lesson in football last night, that reputation and status can only get you so far.

Right England?

That one of, if not the greatest form of defence is offense.

Right Brazil/Germany?

That to achieve success, you sometimes need to face failures, or lose to an unlikely opponent, eg. Switzerland, early on in your journey.

With their feet firmly planted and humbly grounded, the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Alonso, Puyol, Pique, Ramos, Torres and Cassilas lifted the much coveted trophy with a sense of satisfaction and pride, that only a select few will probably ever feel throughout modern history, but they will celebrate for now.

A young fan humbly captured the essence as he mentions “This will probably not happen again for another 40 years.”

Kudos Spain, but we all know this is just the beginning… and…

.. back to the trivia, so where and when will the next edition of FIFA World Cup be held at?

Brazil, 2018.