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Remember the first time you went swimming?

You gasped, you frantically plundered the waters and it seems as if you’re just a small thingy in a huge body of water.

Well I guess you can’t say the same for the Singapore Cubs, or perhaps known as Singapore Men Under 15 Football Squad (or SMUFS, which sounds like smurfs eh?) when they overcame the physically intimidating boys of Montenegro.

Like a white sea, the Montenegrins are heads and shoulders above some of the diminutive Cubs, but for what was lacking in size, the Cubs made up for it with heart.

Fresh from a demoralising 2 nil loss to underdogs, Haiti, you’d think that these schoolboys would continue shedding tears all the way till YOG’s closing ceremony, but no, they picked themselves up and performed way above expectations.

Bah, they even played way better than my Saturday/Sunday soccer teams.

Just take a look at them, after they’ve scored the third goal, wasn’t it cheeky of them to mimic this scandinavian team’s ‘fishing trophy‘¬†goal celebrations?

Singapore Cubs celebrates 3rd goal.

And where’s this beach anyway, cos it looks real sweet and I might want to take a few pictures there too.


So with the Bronze in the bag, is this salvation for Singapore’s former Goal2010?


Though I’m usually skeptic when it comes to the potential of Singapore football, I do have a hunch that our Cubs are going to be doing even better and more — that if they’re groomed professionally and meticulously, that they’ll grow to be giants of Asian football.

And then the skeptic in me sets in and reminds that whatever I propose earlier, it’s unlikely going to happen due to society’s pressure in insisting that a footballing career is not worth it.

Maybe they’ll say go to a University or Poly, then play football and when you’re done, you’ll have the academics to get back onto a corporate ladder — but all this after serving their 2 years NS term of course.

Maybe they just didn’t really know about Fandi Ahmad, Singapore’s finest ever footballer ever to grace our National colours.

Still kudos and a hefty congratulations to all the Singapore Cubs and everyone associated with them.

Although Gold and Silver slipped through, don’t worry, you can still brag about that Bronze medal over early morning roti prata or a late night mcdelivery meal.

And here’s to desiring that you preach humility, exercise diligently and execute greatness in your future endeavours.