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Walking out of the theatre, it felt like I had just finished a roller coaster ride. Upside down.

That was how it felt like after watching Terminator 4: Salvation, but no it wasn’t the movie that made me dizzy and nauseated, and disconcertingly I can’t really pinpoint what’s causing this splitting headache.

I remember feeling a little headache as I walked into TheCathay and made my way up to level 6. Dal had bought the tix earlier so I didn’t have to queue or anything and the theatre we sat in was really big, and plush, and sort of empty too. Before the show even began, I contemplated lying down onto the floor and just get a good shuteye.

Thank goodness I didn’t lie down and sleep away ‘cos Terminator 4: Salvation, or T4S, was really good. I think I read a review somewhere which gave a an average rating and labeling it humourless. Indeed T4S was humourless — which made it even more amazing cos throughout the show a few girls were giggling uncontrollably over almost every dialogue — but it wasn’t an average show. It’s a damn good installment of the Terminator franchise and I dare say that it’s the next best outing since Terminator 2.

Christian Bale was gooooood. Even the guy who took on the role of Cyborg T800 was equally damn good too. Now T800 was the supposed Terminator, but in the end it become the Salvation of the human race. I won’t spoil it any further by explaining how but let’s just say that everything clicks towards the end of the show. Well paced, well directed, well acted, well scored, well edited (good special effects!), well scripted and well plotted, I sure don’t mind watching it again.

But not with this splitting headache for sure. I don’t know how I manage to stay focused watching with a mini-migraine, but I did and I’m glad Dal invited me to watch it. ┬áNow I’m sure that these robots can never quite compare to the one that’s coming up on June 24th, i.e Transformers 2, but for now, I guess it’ll suffice.

Terminator 4: Salvation. Go watch it.