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Statistically Liverpool has a very slim chance of landing their record 19th English League title, but realistically — And let’s be realistic shall we? — they have absolutely zero, nil, kosong chance this season.

Man Yoo is on course to land their record title too. An 18th title and why not? They have been one of the best team on the planet for the past few seasons and deservingly, the title rests in their hands now. Just like any great character, noone else but they themselves decide where the outcome of the English Premiere League 08/09 Champions’ Trophy resides.

I will try not to get carried away with the wonderful football form that Man Yoo plays with and instead pay a tribute to the Rafalution. 

As this season ends, it will be Rafa Benitez’s 5th year at the helm and odds are looking good that this is going to be his best league haul to date. With a possible 86 points in the bag, it will also be the most Premiereship points that Liverpool ever has and yet not win the league. It could also be the season where Liverpool beats the Champions twice, loses less games, scores more goals, have bigger goal difference, and yet not win the league.

In season 06/07 Liverpool finished with 68 points, scoring 57 goals and losing 10 games. In 07/08 Liverpool finished with 76 points, scoring 67 goals and losing 4 games. In 08/07 it could yet be 86 points, scoring more than 72 goals and possibly losing only 2 games.

The Rafalution is kicking in finally and to think what season 09/10 would bring is simply dangerous, and only because thinking about the next level of improvements that Rafa would bring to the table will only make me wet my pants. Yes, any pants-wetting situations are highly dangerous situations. Like where can you hide that stink along the way to the mall as you buy a new pants?

Then again I don’t wear pants, jeans mainly and I doubt Liverpool will even have, if improvements are proportional yearly, 96 points and scoring 84 goals — but who is to say that its impossible? Chelsea did finished their season with an all time high of 95 points before, so hey, it IS possible.

Before I get carried away again even further, I suppose the improvements will depend on how other teams acquire new players, and more importantly, what new blood will Rafa decide to shuffle into his paper thin squad.

Yes I mentioned thin squad because that is what it is. There’s only a handful of classy players. Really! Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Daniel Agger, Jamie Carragher, Javier Mascherano and Pepe Reina are simply not enough to land the 19th title.

Polished players like Skrtel, Arbeloa, Riera, Kuyt, Benayoun and Aurelio adds gloss but they lack lustre at times. Unpolished gems like Babel, Lucas, Insua, Plessis, El-Zhar, Ngog, Dossena, Degen, Darby and Cavalieri are just not making the grade when called upon. Let’s not forget that Hyppia will be off to Germany for their beer next season, though Voronin and Pennant will be back from loan next season.

That’s it. There’s really no one else to call upon at Liverpool football club and thus we witness how missing key creative players like Gerrard, Torres and Alonso greatly affects the team.  Its critical that Rafa gets another game-winning, ultra creative, mature and polished player at his disposal.

Perhaps a certain Kaka, Villa, Ribery, Eto’o or Diego might be the catalyst that the Reds have been waiting for? Maybe players at their peak like Barry, Tevez, Valencia, Downing or Santa Cruz might bring more depth to the squad? 

Well whatever personnel that the Rafalution brings, one thing for sure is that I can barely wait how season 09/10 unfolds with most of the players reaching the peak of their career.

*salivates incessantly*