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Psst. I’ve been itching. Itching real bad. No, not the rashes kind but the intangible kind where you just can’t wait to do something.

I’ve amazed myself this week. I didn’t realise that I could discipline myself to not even go on a Dota rampage in an effort to get as much sleep as I can. Okay, so I did went for a session with Han, last Tuesday, but that’s all. I’ve skipped my late night gaming to get my rest and recharge.

All these in preparation for tomorrow’s league game, which we MUST win.┬áLast’s week’s draw was especially hard on me as I was unable to chip in and help the lads in the second half, when they conceded the equaliser. I’m not saying that with me the team will be invincible, and the truth is not even close to that, but at least had I played then I’d known that I’ve tried to prevent the equaliser from coming in, and even if it came eventually, then I’ll accept it.

I’ve actually felt physically fresher towards the end of the week, unlike previous weeks. Not for a long time have I felt this good, and the last time I felt this way I was on a prescription dose of multi-vitamins and protein shakes. Its Au Naturel this time, and its damn good!

Revenge starts 5pm, tomorrow. Sadly the venue’s nowhere near the west or central, but I’ll persevere.

Ooh, on another note, I’ve been watching and re-watching The Transformers2 trailer! Uber cool! What makes it even cooler is that Linkin Park’s penning the single for the movie’s OST. Its a good song too! Hear it for the first time on my blog — don’t ask how I got it, just enjoy it!