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You’d knew immediately upon reading Plaza Pelangi that this place had a 1% chance of being located in Singapore.

It was a Johor outing with my gaming buddies, who’ve been pestering me to try this Karaoke-cum-Buffet-styled-Dinner at Plaza Pelangi ever since they went broke trying the place out a few weeks back. And we went broke again this time round!

With whatever that was left of the RM in my possession, which wasn’t much really, I handed them all to the delighted taxi driver, who on our way home shared with us stories of how his 4yr old son has an eye for $$$ already and how the little brat is demanding for toys and stuffs at such a young age already.

Hmmm, I don’t quite recall if I ever made demands for toys or gadgets when I was a kid, where at most it was for an opportunity to get a game of soccer! Yep, my childhood memories are filled with stories that are somehow related to soccer.

Okay, back to the RedBox thingy at Plaza Pelangi.

Thinking that we weren’t going to make the break fast time, the five of us were resigned to sipping on our packet drinks instead of the buffet dinner — but fate had other ideas as the Causeway jam that we thought would hinder us, was nowhere to be seen, thanks to the designated heavy vehicle lane! It was smooth riding all the way to Plaza Pelangi.

Arrgh, I’ve yet to get the pics online, because the food is quite amazing really, the spread was scrumptious and aplenty, refilled over and over again. My favourite dish was the sambal oyster and the maggi mee goreng! The sotong (cheese+milk??) dish was good too! The fried rice was a little dry, but it filled our empty stomaches nevertheless.

If just a buffet dinner in Singapore would cost you from SG$25 onwards, then the SG$25 I spent on that day was definitely worth every cents spent. Compare this: I had buffet dinner, 4hours plus of karaoke, taxi ride to and fro, and my smoking buddies smoked their lungs out within the room itself — all these for merely SG$25!!!

Oh, and not to mention, I managed to give the cabbie the tip at the end too! Out of RM, out of breathe, out of Johor and back to motherland, before work beckoned.