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So have you seen my new baby from the previous posting yet? It’s cute, it’s cuddly and best of all it’s free.

On a serious note (woah! since when have I been serious??) had utilised one of the available free wordpress themes with a little bit of tweakings here and there to look like what it is today. Yeah as of today I proclaim that wordpress rules in the blogosphere, thanks to themese and plugins!

Anyway.. I am heavily impressed by the theme Primepress by Ravi Varma that I think I’m going to be utlising more of his theme from now on for future projects, basically because it’s free! But also due to its simplicity, clean codes and its widget ready status. But mostly because it’s free!

But wait a minute, stop calling me a freebie hor! I know how tough it is to code a wordpress theme and I know how tough it is to come up with all the design elements so that is why, ahem, I, ahem, suffering from a sudden fit of generosity, donated an amount to the creator:

Despite actually wanting to donate SG$10, I think I missed out on the fact that paypal dealt it as US$10 instead! But, I think good people deserve a break, and in this case I think Ravi Varma could probably get a few more cups of starbucks one of these days, so I don’t feel so burned by that donation after all.

Ahh, Starbucks~ I could use one right now too!

Wait a minute, are you feeling generous? Click below to generously donate a cup of Starbucks to me, moi, I! So how much does a Grande cost? $6.80? Wokay, uber cool!


Oh please note that I’m just having fun here. Don’t need to really donate me ler~ J/k.. ; )