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Overhead at, my niggling question of how can a P5 student even attempt suicide? Whether this story is true or not, it’s chilling to the bone.

How can right? How can? Really, how can?

Like, how does an 11year old even thinks about suicide at such a young tender age? TS (thread starter) hasn’t post any source yet, apart from saying that it’s from a Facebook account of a teacher who expresses her/his dismay at his/her student’s demise, but just the thought of it makes me sick.

So much life to live and so much joy to experience yet the student i’s depressed enough to end a life.

Could it be stress? Could it be abuse? Actually it could be many things, but for sure there’s one thing that is lacking that’s a catalyst to the situation, that is family support.

A family is a pillar of strength, a foundation of one’s life, especially a young thing’s fragile life. Why would anyone miss out on life, miss out on the love that a family is able to provide, unless it isn’t there in the first place.

And if a family isn’t there, friends are the next best thing. Make loads of friends and make not enemies. Sure there’ll be those that are bound to dislike you, or hate you even, but by surrounding yourself with the positives (friends, family) you naturally create a pillow to fall back on and naturally your mindset will not be plagued into a paranoia of hatred or revenge or whatever sinister things there is, that could possibly amount to suicide.

I grief for the student’s condition, if really such an event took place.

Hais — one less joy to share with in this world.