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I can’t remember the last time that I watched a horror movie, because I have a particular dislike against this genre of movies, but ‘Paranormal Activity’ or PA attempts to change all that. Hmmm, what could possibly be so good about it?

People are scared shit -- woooooo

See these people, they are scared s***(something that rhymes with wit and bit and does not smell pleasant at all) and just watching this trailer (youtube) about Paranormal Activity (the movie) has already increased my anticipation towards the extremely low budget movie.

I don’t like horror movies, but this one is definitely an interesting experience.

If grown Ang Mohs can squirm and squeal like that, I think I’ll be bringing along diapers and pacifiers, in case, when the movie opens up here in Singapore on 12th November.

12th November!???!? That’s a long wait indeed, but one that’s surely worth it, if trailers and audience reviews are to judged by — even Bangau is anticipating this horror movie, and it’s unusual for a bird to get excited by a movie, at all!

Originally paid with $500 each, the 2 main characters’ acting adds depth and everything else to it. Since I’ve yet to see the full movie, I don’t know how the director’s handywork is going to be like, but hopefully it’s not another shaky, wobbly Blair Witch moment, like Cloverfield was — ‘cos these movies make me dizzy!

I admit, I get motion sick terribly easily and I’d be the last person you’d want to get on a boat with. In fact, I’m always the last person to get onto any boat and pretty much the first to leave! Bah~

So considering that a $15,000 budgeted movie ranked in tens of millions of dollars, I suppose bringing along one or two vomit bags is justifiable.

12th November. Jot that down.