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Wooot! 4 days of non blogging, mind didn’t really went blank but it seems like there were just too many things going on inside my fragile house of cards, that is my wandering mind, and if really a wandering mind was made of cards, any drift that comes in will simply blow everything away.

Whose life isn’t hectic, isn’t chaotic and isn’t a mindless routine, please put up your hands?

Sometimes we just have to give in to the momentum, that is life, and let ourselves get carried away, because resistance is futile.

Like how I had to tuck in at home on a Sunday ‘cos Dad and Ma are hosting a family and friends gathering-cum-well wishing occasion at home, and was made to overturn the huge, bulky, grey sofas from the living rooms and temporarily put them outside by the common walkway.

I’m amazed that I actually did some physical work at home that Sunday. *Pats self*

Did I mention that Dad had to barge into my room 7 times, before I actually got up and made the lazy effort towards the bathroom, only to find my relatives busying themselves with cooking in the kitchen? And it was only 10am! Who wakes up at 10am on a Sunday anyway?

By the time I became fully aware that I’m awake, it was already 11am and I realised that suddenly there’s so much time in my hands, except that it was all spent in tidying up the house in preparations for the incoming crowd later.

You see, Dad n Ma will be going for their pilgrimage trip to Mecca this coming Monday, which I’ve dutifully taken a day off from work (and not because I intend to spend the day gaming away though — and not that I probably won’t~) to fetch them to the airport with Bro and Sis.

Anyway I wished I had taken pictures of that Sunday, when throngs of unkown people in my eyes, walked in, made friendly noises and friendly gestures, before leaving without their empty paper plates and paper cups, which some have kindly left for me to clear away — thank you!

That aside, it actually was a good day for me, meeting up my relatives which I probably would not have met up, not even during Hari Raya ‘cos of my erratic work schedule, and that I actually saved a few pennies by spending time at home instead of shopping, or gaming away (no, not gambling but computer gaming..).

That Sunday was actually a peaceful day, despite all the welcomed ruckus that the visitors brought — it was a peaceful, yet noisy Sunday afternoon, just the perfect tonic that my mind required, even if it meant that my beauty Sunday sleep was cut short.

Somehow, by helping out at home I didn’t seem to mind about having to update my status online, or think about the next post for my blogs, or read up on some forums or explore new markets and such, and that despite the chaos, it all seemed focused and peaceful.

So you want a non hectic, non chaotic and non mindless routine?

Then go randomly volunteer your help for a random event.

When all else fails, maybe this Ooizit website showcasing underground music artistes might help you uncover a few hidden gems n blow you away instead.