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And no, it’s not about setting up yourself to do it wrong on purpose, but rather to do what you think is right, what feels right and what wouldn’t be catastrophic whence the outcomes, when you’ve got no one else to turn to for that much required assistance.

Just like playing Texas Hold’Em Poker, where if you’re decently okay, generally you’ll get on fine and gain plenty of chips, I mean knowledge along the way.

When I get asked how to do a certain thing ¬†and what will happen when a certain thing is done this way or that way, it deeply irks me when they can find it out themselves by simply trying (since there really isn’t any any disastrous consequences) and the mere act of hesitation in trying and instead seeking to be spoonfed, well it irks me.

You just don’t learn as much when you’re spoonfed.

In a way, I actually enjoy assisting someone who’s done something wrong, and it’s not a schadenfraude nor am I a sadist, but rather I believe that that someone is actively and sincerely seeking for more knowledge, and is a sponge, and both parties benefits in this situation.

Go ahead make a beautiful mistake and explore the world, ditch your laptop and dump your boyfriend. (Why am I even reading an article that’s intended for the opposite sex? Oh well..

So, when was the last time you learned something new by mistake?