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I wonder where all my childhood friends have gone to and what they’re keeping themselves busy with.

Unfortunately, yes unfortunately we all have to grow up (act all adult and responsible and all) sooner or later and support a family and so on, that there’s simply lesser opportunities to mix around with the childhood friends.

I can’t think of any of my childhood or school friends who own a blog as most of them have simply lost touch with it and gave up blogging entirely.

I would surely like to connect with them on their current statuses, current activities and stuffs.

Anyway, there is this thing called Facebook, which I am not entirely fond of, but I do acknowledge it’s simplicity and efficiency in connecting people.

Everytime I log onto my homepage there, I’m greeted with a message that says someone has moved up a level in Farmville, Mafia wars or someother ‘social games’ as they’re better known as and I doubt it’s a ‘soup question’ or a ‘soup information’ to me.

Anyone who’s watched “Finding Forrester” would understand truly what a ‘Soup Question’ is but I’ll try to disect a little here.

‘Soup Questions’ are questions that you ask for answers that will create some sort of benefiting information which you can then use and lead you to much more useful things or stuffs.

‘Soup Informations’ are informations that you could probably relate, connect with and learn from, and are more than just an ‘I’m sad’ status update, or ‘I think this will be a great day’ status update.

As we grow up, and work a lot, there’s rarely plenty of occasions where one can share stories and experiences on a daily basis, but blogging has presented itself with a perfect platform to do just that.

I hate growing up, I really do, and I wished that I could go back to my Polytechnic days all over again, but reality is that I’ve to sustain myself already.

And not just to sustain, but to prepare for the future as well.

However to prepare for the future you need to know what is going on around you and have an understanding of the situation surrounding your presence.

At this present moment, there’s so much things to do, yet so little precious moments to take care of them, and I am aware that everyone goes through the same things.

But how do you get through with it, like how does a friend get over a setback or celebrate a joyous occasion?

I want to know but it’s not like I can just go knocking on their door and ask them all of a sudden, because there’s a less intrusive manner of sharing a story and that’s by blogging.

Not Facebook, mind you.

Yes reading status updates are good but one thing for certain sharing a story is even better, and I always find time for stories, good or bad.

Last night, my sister shared a few problems affecting her, and I could sense that she’s mildly lost amidst the chaos, but I’m glad she did (share with me her problems and also experiencing it as she’s definitely going to learn something from it).

She’s going through tertiary education and part of growing up means tackling multiple issues at one go, I said to her, but she’s got a strong character and I’m sure with a little bit of sensible advice she’s going to be okay.

Mentioning that some friends are possibly classifiable as pesky, I told her to start dishing out some character into herself and dishing out a few counter measures for certain niggling situations as well.

I may not be the best advisor on earth, nor the greatest listener, but I do listen when if someone seeks my advice, I’ll give them away unconditionally.

Though I don’t seek problems, I love tackling them heads on, because there’s a rush whenever you get to solve one, and I suppose it all began during my Primary school years during Maths class.

Back then, I loved problem sums, because somehow they could always ┬ábe solved, and so today I approach problems with an open attitude and a ‘There is always a solution for something’ mindset, because indeed there is always a solution for anything.

If it’s not there, we simply have yet to try hard enough or view it from another angle, though sometimes it’s better to just not try too hard but to instead keep on working hard.

Problems, love them or hate them, they’re a Grown Up’s best friend.